A.F. Gray Society

The A.F. Gray Society: A legacy of Christian higher education

AF Gray - historical photoEvery so often, you may stop to consider the impact your life has on people around you. We’d often like to give more money to our favorite charitable causes, but there simply aren’t enough resources to spare. But what if you could make a lasting and permanent gift, bigger than you dreamed possible, and do it in a way that also honors and protects your loved ones’ inheritance?

To create this kind of legacy, the A.F. Gray Society was established by Warner Pacific College, allowing us to thank a special group of people who have included the College in their future giving and estate plans.

How to become a member of the A.F. Gray Society

Becoming a member is simple. Either call or write to tell us you’ve included Warner Pacific as a beneficiary in your estate planning, or simply ask for a copy of the A.F. Gray Society brochure for more information.

For more information about including the College in your future plans, call 503.517.1220 or email amcmurray@warnerpacific.edu. When you call or write, please indicate the following:

  1. I am considering becoming a member of the A.F. Gray Society.
  2. I have already placed the College as a beneficiary in my estate plan.
  3. I would like copies of the “Will and Trust Planning Guide” and/or “Estate Inventory Form.”
  4. I would like to speak with someone about estate planning.

Need more information about estate planning?

If estate planning is something you’re thinking about for the first time, or if you need to update an older plan, we have resource material, and people, available to help. To get you started, Warner Pacific provides a free “Will and Trust Planning Guide” and “Estate Inventory Form.”

As a member of the A.F. Gray Society, you have the option to designate where your support ultimately goes. For instance, you could help underwrite:

  • Scholarships for young people
  • Capital expansion
  • Computer equipment
  • Staffing
  • Where need is greatest

In addition, staff members are well-versed in the technical aspects of business transition, retirement and estate planning. While the College cannot serve as your legal counsel, our staff are trained to help you:

  • Sell your business while minimizing capital gain tax
  • Protect the way in which your loved ones receive their inheritance
  • Minimize taxation on retirement plans
  • Reduce or eliminate estates tax
  • Include philanthropy in your planning decisions

As we work together to create a legacy of Christian higher education for young people in our community who most deserve our assistance, the financial future of organizations such as Warner Pacific College will largely be determined by a willingness to make future gifts through estate plans.

For more information about these unique services, call 503.517.1220.