General Library Information for Faculty

WPC Library Faculty & Staff

The primary areas of responsibility of the librarians and support staff are provided to help you direct questions to the appropriate person. If you cannot reach a staff member, you may call the Circulation Desk at ext. 1102 and leave a message.

Dr. Lishi Kwasitsu
Director of Library Services
(ext. 1023,

Ann Matsushima Chiu
Electronic Services and Instruction Librarian
(ext. 1118,

Jeffrey Barnhardt
Circulation Supervisor
(ext. 1037,

Circulation Policies

Please present your WPC ID card or Library Card when you check out materials. New circulation student workers may not recognize you as faculty. Presenting your card will help to reduce potential human error. Student workers have been instructed to ask for picture ID of anyone who does not present their library card and that they do not personally recognize.

Improving the Library Collection

WPC Library relies heavily on faculty as subject specialists to build the library collection. You are best able to indicate what materials will support the curriculum. If you receive book catalogs and promotional materials directly from publishers, you are welcome to submit those as purchase recommendations. You may also use the online book ordering form or e-mail

Donations of books and other materials are appreciated and encouraged, with the understanding that the library will use the materials in the most beneficial way. This means that the materials may be added to the collection, given to another library, sold or discarded without further consent of the original donor. The appraisal of gifts for tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor. A receipt or letter of acceptance will be provided at the request of the donor.

Equally important to the maintenance and improvement of the library collection is “weeding”, or the removal of outdated materials. You are invited to come to the library to review the sections of the library collection related to your field and identify materials which should be removed from the collection to make room for new materials. Also, this will give you the opportunity to identify subjects that are not adequately covered by the library collection. Gaps in the collection can be identified, and new materials can be chosen to fill in those gaps.

Reference Services

The Library Staff are available to assist you and your students in research and library use. Personalized instruction on the use of databases is available to you. Please contact the Library Director to discuss the most appropriate course of action for your research and classroom needs.

Interlibrary Loan

As of Fall 2009, all searches for library materials should take place through Library Search.  Results will be shown for Warner’s library, the Summit library consortium, and the worldwide OCLC library network, in that order.  Materials not held by Warner’s library can be requested through this interface, or, if this is not possible, through an online request form. The loan period and fine policies will vary depending on the lending library. You will be notified by the Circulation Staff via campus e-mail when your materials have arrived and are ready to be picked up at the Circulation Desk.

Library Instruction

Instruction in use of library resources and basic research strategies can be incorporated into your classes. This can range from basic orientation to the library building and materials to analysis of reference materials and research strategies to in-depth training in use of particular databases. The sessions can be tailored to your needs and will be presented by the library staff member best suited to the specific topic. Please keep in mind that only so much information can be covered in one 50 minute class session. Please email Ann Chiu ( if you would like to schedule a library instruction workshop in your course.

Borrowing Privileges at Other Libraries

Warner Pacific students, faculty and staff may check out materials at the following area academic libraries. Access to these materials will be through the Summit lending system. The circulation and fine policies of the loaning library apply.