Learning in community is a hallmark of the Warner Pacific educational experience. As students travel through their educational journey, Learning Communities provide an opportunity to practice working in a variety of communications styles and build teamwork skills that are vital to success in nearly every professional endeavor.

Students pursuing a graduate degree will encounter Learning Communities in two primary ways.

First, every student becomes part of a cohort – a group of students who are seeking the same degree on the same schedule.  This group of students travels through the degree program together, sharing joys and struggles along the way, and often developing lifelong relationships in the process.

Second, many courses within the programs require learning team projects. Learning teams are typically comprised of 3-5 students and focus on the completion of a project that addresses one or more course outcomes.  In learning teams, real-world skills of leadership, communication, conflict resolution, and time management are refined.

Though students acknowledge that working within teams is often a challenging part of their experience, those who fully engage the community of their cohort and learning teams often report a deep satisfaction with their work and the personal relationships that remain long after the achievement of their degree goals.