Business Minors

Accounting Minor

Prerequisites: EC 203; BUS/PS 303; MA 111
Required 18 credits: 12 credits in residence, 12 credits upper division

BUS 211Financial Accounting3
BUS 212Managerial Accounting3
BUS 311Intermediate Accounting 13
BUS 312Intermediate Accounting II3

Students can choose six semester credits from the following:

BUS 314Cost Accounting3
BUS 331Non-profit Accounting3
BUS 332Auditing3
BUS 411Advanced Accounting3
BUS 412Introduction to Taxation3
BUS 413Advanced Taxation3
BUS 415VITA/Tax Volunteer1-3
BUS 490Special Topics3

Business Administration Minor


Prerequisites: EC 203; BUS/PS 303; MA 111
Required 24 credits: 15 credits in residence, 13 credits upper division.

BUS 101Introduction to Business2
BUS 211Principles of Accounting I3
BUS 242Principles of Marketing3
BUS/COMM 261Organizational Writing and Presentation3
BUS/PS 303Business and Employment Law3
BUS 310Management Theory and Practice3
BUS 363Introduction to Business Finance3
BUS/SS 393Research Methods and Applied Statistics4

(Updated Sept. 2015)