Andrea Cook

Reinventing higher education

At Warner Pacific, we develop significant relationships with our students, and believe it’s an essential means of educating, challenging and serving students who might otherwise not finish their education. The reality is our educational system has been designed for advantaged people. In order to make education more fully accessible, we need to create a “counter system” that grants access and provides opportunity for success to a wider population—that’s what we’re about.

We intend to support, develop and retain our students, preparing them to move forward and be successful in their lives. We believe our work is resonant with God’s design to be together in relationship in this place. That means we recruit staff and faculty who are Christ followers, and who see Warner Pacific as where we’ve been called to do His work. We welcome students from diverse backgrounds to come together to learn and grow holistically and to become citizens of this world who think deeply, live faithfully, and lead passionately.

Historical perspective

Warner Pacific was founded in 1937 to support the work of the Church of God Reformation Movement (Anderson, Indiana). At our core is Wesleyan-Holiness theology, which not only promotes personal holiness, but also social holiness. Inclusion and unity are tenets of our faith tradition.

Because of this heritage, Warner Pacific University is strategically positioned to prepare students to take on the significant needs of communities and individuals living within urban centers, whether in Portland, around the United States or abroad. Warner Pacific prepares faithful servant-leaders who have strong spiritual moorings, a deep sense of service to others, critical thinking skills to address economic and societal needs and the ability to adapt and lead in a rapidly changing world.

Seeing the world through Christ’s eyes

Through various academic programs, as well as a Humanities core curriculum, Warner Pacific challenges students to wrestle with paradoxes inherent within the human condition—truth is not always a matter of contrasts, but often shades of gray. In addition, the school’s urban location offers professional internships, volunteer opportunities and work experiences where students can apply the knowledge and skills they’ve developed in the classroom and within a campus culture that is centered on Christ.

Our Christian mission also brings a moral responsibility to reach historically under-served students. We’ve deliberately kept our tuition for the traditional undergraduate program among the most affordable in the Northwest. We established a partnership with the Portland Leadership Foundation to create the Act Six Leadership and Scholarship Initiative, which provides full-tuition, full-need scholarships for young, emerging urban leaders for whom a private, liberal arts education would otherwise be out of reach. In addition, our Professional and Graduate Studies provides the opportunity for working adults to realize their longstanding dreams of earning a college degree.

Nurturing student leaders

Warner Pacific is a community that puts its core values into practice. We respect students’ capacity to think independently, produce quality work and maintain their part in the learning process, and expects them to do their best. They consistently rise to the occasion.

During their time at Warner Pacific, students learn the importance of questioning the status quo and wrestling with the paradoxes of life. They struggle with the process of owning their faith for themselves while becoming critical thinkers capable of evaluating evidence to inform their decisions.

Warner Pacific students work, serve and learn together, becoming friends and colleagues who deeply care for one another. They serve others in our neighborhood, city, and world. Overall, students develop the skills necessary to be life-long learners, prepared to face a rapidly changing world.

In closing…

Warner Pacific University is here to impart hope to our students through strong academic training, spiritual development and an authentic ethos of service to our city. I believe great things are in store for Warner Pacific as we live out that mission, and thank you for your partnership in this essential work.

Andrea P. Cook, Ph.D.