Campus Life

Whether you’re competing in intramural basketball or volleyball games, hanging out in one of the 11 living areas on campus, rocking at Open Mic night, attending a chapel service or exploring Portland with a group of friends, some of your most enduring Warner Pacific memories will be made outside of the classroom. There are countless opportunities to immerse yourself in the vibrant campus community that Warner Pacific has to offer.


The best kind of education only begins during the hours you’re in class each week.

At Warner Pacific, the city of Portland provides wide-ranging resources and cultural opportunities that allow you to extend, experience, and apply the concepts and ideas you’re learning in class. Learn more….

Spiritual Life

College can be a time of great spiritual growth and awakening, and at Warner Pacific we provide you with a variety of opportunities to strengthen and explore your faith. Learn more…


Following the example of Jesus, the Warner Pacific community sees joyful service to others as an integral part of living in and for God’s Kingdom. Learn more…


At Warner Pacific, some of the most memorable-and meaningful-learning happens outside of books and classrooms.

Our co-curricular and residence life programs offer ideal opportunities to try out new ideas, take on leadership roles and build friendships that will last a lifetime. Learn more…

Warner Pacific Campus Life