Academic Counseling

THE MISSION OF ACADEMIC COUNSELING is to empower, encourage, and partner with Adult Students in a fast-paced environment with a personalized, compassionate, purposeful, and collaborative approach on their transformational journey to reach and exceed their educational goals.

Empowering You

  • Group Advising – From your first meeting with an Academic Counselor (AC) at Group Advising, you are being given information about all of your requirements for graduation, as well as all of your options as a Warner Pacific College student. Our ACs strive to give you a complete picture of the requirements and opportunities involved in earning an Associates, Bachelors, or Masters degree. A unique quality in the Adult Degree Program (ADP) is the multitude of options you have to complete your required core and elective credits, from courses and exams to professional trainings and life experience. Some of your options are described on our ADP Student Resource page; be sure to contact your AC to determine how these options can support your unique Degree Plan.
  • Adult Degree Program StudentOrientation – This evening is the first gathering of the group of students with whom you will be pursuing your degree. A four-hour evening led by your Academic Counselor, orientation is focused on learning more about your classmates, your staff support, and some of the policies that will ensure your success as a college student and graduate.
  • Degree Planning Meetings – All students are required to meet with their Academic Counselor twice during their time at Warner Pacific College (WPC). These appointments are held during your second course and approximately mid-way to completing your intended degree. By meeting one-on-one, you are given individualized and purposeful attention to determine how your past experience, educational and professional, can be used to support and further your college goals. Course, exam, certificate, and essay options are discussed in detail during this appointment.
  • Application to Graduate – A “Grad Check” is completed approximately six months prior to Graduation in order to review your previous coursework and remaining plans to reach the required courses and credits for graduation. Any questions or concerns that arise from this process will be essential for future conversations with your AC.
  • No surprises! – Ultimately, the goal of the meetings and processes described above is that you are always informed – and have access to information – regarding your requirements and options for earning your degree in your timeframe.

 Encouraging You

  • Mid-Point Celebration – At the halfway point in your program, your Academic Counselor will stop by class to celebrate how many courses, credits, and lessons you have gained during the previous year. At this mid-point, students are invited to meet with their AC for the second mandatory meeting in order to ensure all of your plans are on track for graduation. This second meeting includes time to make changes to your WPC schedule, arrange for outside exams, or discuss transfer course options.
  • Closures – At the last night of your cohort program, your AC will visit to cheer on your accomplishments during the previous eighteen to twenty-six months. Other staff members will also be present to encourage the next steps to your educational and professional journey.
  • Graduation – Warner Pacific College celebrates our graduates through commencement ceremonies in December and May of each year. Faculty, staff, family and friends come together to rejoice in a hard effort come to fruition. Your Academic Counselor will be one of the loudest cheers in the audience when you walk across the stage, dressed in your cap and gown, to receive a diploma and commemorative gift of your time at WPC.
  • Along the educational journey, your AC remains your biggest supporter and advocate. You can count on your AC to not only give academic advice, but offer a listening ear, positive encouragement, and a prayer to keep you on track toward your academic goals. We know that you can do this!

 Partnering with You

  • Keeping You Informed – Each time you make a change to your WPC schedule, you will be given an updated copy of your Degree Plan to review and approve through signature. These forms are to ensure that you are aware of every course and academic impact of your changes. This academic program will be a significant part of this season of your life; your AC sees it as an honor to partner with you for a time and assist with your changes in pursuing a degree goal.
  • Communication Options – When you have questions or concerns about your educational options, you are invited to call, email, or schedule a meeting with your AC, whichever works best for you and will ensure the most effective resolution.

Your Transformational Journey

  • Reaching Higher – Our hope for you is for more than “a piece of paper;” our hope is for a true transformation of your academic and professional life. Graduates of our programs discover new doors opening that they never dreamed possible, offering advancement and opportunities previously out of reach, whether through graduate school or career development.
  • Graduate Programs – As you come to the end of your Bachelor’s program, your AC, in conjunction with our Enrollment Department, will ensure that you are aware of the multiple graduate programs available through the ADP. Currently we offer a Master of Science in Management and Organizational Leadership, a Master of Arts in Teaching, and a Master of Education. These degrees expand on our Bachelors programs, with each one available to students who graduate from a variety of programs and colleges.
  • Alumni Relations – Walking across the stage at Graduation is not the end of your experience as a member of the Warner Pacific College community. Through the Office of Alumni Relations, as well as relationships with members of the WPC staff and faculty, you are encouraged to stay connected through art productions, athletic events, developing degrees, or simply letting us know how your life continues to develop as a Warner Pacific College Alumni.
  • Next Generation of Students – As you move forward with your education and career, remember that your voice matters. Share your experience with others, especially those who face similar professional barriers without an education or degree. Your Academic Counselor, as well as the Enrollment Team, are happy to share information with you or others to help connect new students with the opportunities in the Adult Degree Program at Warner Pacific College.