FYLC: What’s on Your iPod?

Music in Human Nature

Warner Pacific FYLC MusicFaculty members: Lance Chamberlain & Michael DeBenedetti

Linked Courses:
Fall – PHS 101, Intro to Physical Science
Spring – MUS 240, Intro to Music Literature

How have my personal experiences with music made a difference in my life?

In this First-Year Learning Community, students will…

  • Discover how music relates to us as physical, social, and spiritual beings.
  • Take a closer look at how social privilege impacts access to music education in Portland.
  • Explore the physics of sound and how science and music are related, and how these two powerhouse subjects connect through some exciting service learning opportunities!
  • Have a blast sharing with others a variety of musical categories and styles available to be enjoyed in the greater Portland-metro area!
Meet your 2014-15 Peer Mentors



Megan Helm, majoring in Social Science: “I am excited to simply share life with my new students and be a helpful resource for them. Portland is an amazing city and I can’t wait to develop new friendships to explore it with!”

Taylor Clark, majoring in General Biology with an emphasis on Microbiology: “I like to spend my free time in the Theatre or exploring Mt. Tabor. Mentoring the incoming freshman is like an opportunity for new adventures.”

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