FYLC: One Love

Interfaith Conversations in PDX

Warner Pacific College FYLCFaculty members: Joseph McLendon & Brandon Baker

Linked Courses:
Fall—BI 151, The Bible as Literature
Spring—SOC 140, Principles of Sociology

Imagine Jesus, Muhammad, Gandhi and Buddha sat down for coffee in Portland. Would they debate the details of their respective faiths? Or would they find a common ground and use it to create positive change through service?

In this First-Year Learning Community, students will…

  • Learn about the various faith traditions represented in the city of Portland
  • Discover connections between faith, service, justice to ones’ self
  • Listen to the narratives of various faithful people to explore the role that faith plays in service
  • Gain insight into your own beliefs through talking and connecting with members of several faith traditions in Portland
  • Promote the importance of listening to, working with and serving alongside multiple faiths
Meet your 2014-15 Peer Mentors

Rochelle DeGroot, a Human Development and Family Studies major: “I am excited to be a peer mentor because it means that I get to spend a year sharing stories and experiencing life with some amazing students.”

Bella Begazo, also a Human Development and Family Studies major: “I want be able to walk alongside my peers as a mentor and experience all that Warner Pacific College has to offer.”

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