FYLC: Live Long and Prosper

Building Bridges to Wellness in Portland

Warner Pacific College FYLCFaculty members: Dr. Ryan Hubbard and Joe Fitzgibbon

Linked Courses:
Fall—EN 101-LC8, College Composition
(EN 104x-LC8)
Spring—HHK 150-LC8, Personal Health & Fitness

What does wellness look like in Portland?

How can we engage in and create opportunities for all Portlanders to be physically well?

In this First-Year Learning Community, students will…

  • Evaluate how your previous experience contributes to your beliefs and behavior toward physical activity and physical wellness.
  • Recognize your emotions, habits, and actions and how that impacts your physical wellness.
  • Explore the city of Portland and discover what opportunities are available to the diverse group of people that call Portland their home.
  • Learn to think critically about issues of equity and access as it relates to one’s ability to engage in activities that promote health and wellness.
  • Participate in many of the physical activities that makes Portland consistently ranked as one of the healthiest cities in America.