FYLC: Live Long and Prosper

Building Bridges to Wellness in Portland

Warner Pacific College FYLCFaculty members: Dr. Ryan Hubbard & Joe Fitzgibbon

Linked Courses:
Fall—EN 101-LC8, College Composition
(EN 104x-LC8)
Spring—HHK 150-LC8, Personal Health & Fitness

What does wellness look like in Portland?

How can we engage in and create opportunities for all Portlanders to be physically well?

In this First-Year Learning Community, students will…

  • Evaluate how your previous experience contributes to your beliefs and behavior toward physical activity and physical wellness.
  • Recognize your emotions, habits, and actions and how that impacts your physical wellness.
  • Explore the city of Portland and discover what opportunities are available to the diverse group of people that call Portland their home.
  • Learn to think critically about issues of equity and access as it relates to one’s ability to engage in activities that promote health and wellness.
  • Participate in many of the physical activities that makes Portland consistently ranked as one of the healthiest cities in America.

Peer Mentors

FYLC Peer Mentors Alejandra and Michelle HHK 160“I am excited to watch each and every freshman we work with flourish at Warner Pacific. Being a small part of your educational experience is a beautiful gift that I cherish.”—Michelle

“I look forward to being a Peer Mentor because it is a great opportunity to connect and engage with the incoming class.” —Alejandra

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