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Building Bridges to Wellness in Portland

Warner Pacific College FYLCFaculty members: Dr. Ryan Hubbard & Joe Fitzgibbon

Linked Courses:
Fall—EN 101, College Composition
Spring—HHK 150, Personal Health & Fitness

What does wellness look like in Portland?

In this First-Year Learning Community, students will…

  • Explore the interconnectedness of the people of Portland through the lens of wellness
  • Take a closer look at past experiences and new discoveries to ignite critical thinking and uncover the multiple dimensions of wellness and their effects
  • Discover issues of equity and access in wellness and how we might address these issues to bring about change
  • Engage in discussions with various local agencies to gain insights to the opportunities and challenges surrounding wellness that we face here in Portland
Meet your 2014-15 Peer Mentors

Ashleigh Martin, majoring in Sports Recreation Management with a minor in Human Development: “I am excited to be a part of the transition with the incoming freshman, and I hope I can be a bridge to making their first year something great!”

Ryan Carlson, majoring in Music Education: “I am passionate about education, and I want to see students take advantage of all Warner Pacific has to offer.”

“Today I got a random text from a mentee telling me she wouldn’t have asked for any other mentor this year. I am loving that I am making a real difference and that they are influencing my life so much!”2014-15 Peer Mentor

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