FYLC: Boyz n Girlz in the Hood

An Economic History of Portland Neighborhoods

FLYC 2013 Luke and Jenna
Faculty members: Dr. Luke Goble & Jenna Thompson

Linked Courses:

Fall—EN 101, College Composition
Spring—EN 200, Advanced Composition

How can we work to create neighborhoods that are diverse, affordable, and sustainable in the long-term? How do neighborhoods affect Portlanders?

In this First-Year Learning Community, students will…

  • Recognize what you have to offer through your own experiences
  • Spend time walking through and observing several neighborhoods of Portland to learn about what makes them “work” as well as what makes them pleasurable or difficult to live in
  • Learn about justice and equality issues related to neighborhoods and think about how to address them
  • Ask questions about the justice or injustice of structures, like housing and the distribution of connected resources
  • Learn to think critically about where will you choose to live in the future and why. What are the implications of that choice on the community of others around you?
Meet your 2014-15 Peer Mentors



Mila, majoring in Human Development and Family Studies: “I’m excited to be a peer mentor because I’ll get to welcome each student and have the opportunity to walk with a group of them through their first year of college.”

Mitchell, majoring in American Studies: “I am excited to serve as a Peer Mentor to guide the youth of the community through outreach and positive leadership. Also, I am eager to learn about and interact with people from diverse places and backgrounds.”

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