Early Childhood/Elementary Education

Undergraduate students pursuing an Initial Teaching License for Early Childhood and Elementary Authorizations must declare an Early Childhood/Elementary Education major.

Add-on endorsements in Reading and Basic Math (grades 5-8 only) are available for those completing the licensure program.

Our graduates will be able to:

  • Exhibit the knowledge, skills, abilities, and professional dispositions required for the Oregon Initial License, as provided in Oregon Administrative Rule 584-018-0105, and the Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) standards.
  • Model the values, ethics, and character of a Christian educator in a diverse and change world.
  • Meet the high standards of the program in coursework, clinical experiences, and work products, leading to the cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, and physical achievement of the students they will teach.

Pre-Admission (typically eligible after completing ED 250)

  • Application
  • Education declared as a major
  • Successful completion of ED 250 with concurrent 30 hour practicum
  • Completed and passed at least 24 Semester Credits
  • A personal narrative stating “Why I want to be a teacher” (minimum 250 words)

Full-Admission (eligible after completing ED 281 and ED 334)

  • Completed at least 45 semester credits with a career GPA 3.0 or above
  • Successful completion of ED 281with concurrent 50 hour practicum
  • Successful completion of ED 334 with concurrent 30 hour practicum
  • Four recommendation forms (3 from Warner Pacific faculty, 1 from off campus source)
  • Fingerprinting and Teachers Standards and Practices Commission background check (good for 3 years)
  • An interview with committee composed of Warner Pacific faculty members
  • Writing sample completed as part of the interview process


Part 1: General Education Core
(See Core Studies Requirements)

Part 2: Early Childhood/Elementary Education Major

Prerequisite: PSY 140 or 141

63 credits: 45 credits in residence, 48 credits upper division. Required:

ED 250 Introduction to Education (with 30 hours of practicum) 2
ED 281 Curriculum Planning and the Role of the Teacher (50 hrs of practicum) 3
ED 334 Teacher as Manager (30 hrs of practicum) 2
ED 341 Literature for Children 3
EDPSY 360 Exceptional Learners 3
EDPSY 395 Observation, Assessment, and Evaluation 3
EDPSY 420 Learning Theory 3
Math or Computer elective 3
HD 230 Lifespan Human Development 3
OR HD 311 Prenatal/Early Childhood Development
AND HD 312 Mid-Childhood/Adolescent Development 3-6
SS 353 Diversity in the Classroom 3
EDAMU 371 Art and Music in the Classroom 2
EDHHK 371 P.E. in the Classroom 2
EDLIT 371 Literacy in the Classroom 4
EDMA 371 Math in the Classroom 2
EDSCI 371 Science in the Classroom 2
EDSS 371 Social Studies in the Classroom 2
ED 481 Professional Development Seminar 2
ED 491 Student Teaching I (100-hour experience) 2
ED 495 Student Teaching II (15-week full-time experience) 14

Education electives are chosen with your advisor.

 (Updated Sept. 2015)