We recognize that Covid-19 presents dynamic and ongoing concerns that impact every area of our lives. The safety of Warner Pacific Community members remains our first priority, followed by delivering on the transformative, relational education to which we are committed.

Our plan for the delivery of Fall 2020 courses remains a “hybrid” approach, which means as many courses as possible are available and accessible in-person and online Some courses have been specifically designed and scheduled to be fully online, while others will meet in person one time per week with additional instruction and assignments available online. Check your schedule in MyWP for those designations.

Our campus, classrooms, and coursework have all been redesigned to maintain safety protocols according to the best guidelines from our county, state, and higher education officials. Still, we recognize that there may be circumstances that put you or family members at higher risk of serious illness, and we are making every effort to continue to make coursework accessible for you.

If you or someone you live with are in an at-risk category and you need to access all your coursework online, we ask that you would fill out the following form: Request For Fully Online Courses

Not all courses are available fully online. If you wish to access coursework fully online and your request is not approved, we recommend that you connect with your academic advisor to adjust your course load or explore how the course requirements can be fulfilled in another manner.

Warner Pacific University Request for Fully Online Courses

If you are approved to complete your coursework remotely, you are still responsible for meeting all course requirements according to published deadlines. Each instructor will provide these requirements and deadlines in the syllabus and in MyWPClasses. Additionally, you should plan to be available to participate remotely at the times your courses are scheduled (unless informed otherwise by your instructor). Please consult with each individual course instructor regarding their expectations for online attendance and participation.

We are committed to maintaining both in-person learning opportunities and online accessibility for students as situations arise.

Course Registration

If you have not yet registered but plan to attend WPU in the Fall, there is still time. We recommend that you register by August 10th to ensure textbook arrival prior to the start of class. Students who register after August 10th may have textbook delays. If you previously met with your advisor and have an approved course plan, please login to MyWP to complete your registration. If you do not have an approved course plan, please contact your advisor.

Technology Requirements for Students

In preparation for the Fall semester, we would like to share with you the technology standards that will meet the needs for students at Warner Pacific University. While these standards have not changed due to COVID-19, it is especially important to have the reliable technology to participate in class during the upcoming semester.

You are required to have use of a computer system with at least the following specifications.   A Windows 10 laptop is highly preferred but an equivalently configured Apple Macintosh or desktop computer can also be used.

  • Processor: i3
  • Memory: 4gb (8gb preferred for better performance)
  • Storage: 128gb (SSD will give much better performance than a larger traditional disk drive)
  • Web Camera and microphone
  • Operating system:  Windows 10
  • Internet service
  • Software:
    • Google Chrome
    • Adobe Reader
    • Currently updated anti-virus software
    • MS office (available free to students at https://portal.office.com/ using your Warner Pacific email and password)
    • Free Zoom account (under your Warner Pacific email address)
  • Things you must know how to do on your system:
    • Install software and browser plug-ins
    • Turn off pop-up blockers
    • Set-up your Warner Pacific email account and monitor it regularly

We understand that not everyone has a computer or internet service. The campus computer labs remain available to students as a resource. More information is forthcoming about recommended computer/technology options for purchase.

Regardless of the technology, social-distancing, mask-wearing, self-checking that will continue to impact our daily lives, we have committed faculty that are ready to engage you in meaningful learning and help you prepare to be leaders in your fields and in the world.