Warner Pacific science classWarner Pacific College offers students a place to explore and find answers while growing in leadership, service to the community, and faith. In addition, the school’s urban location offers professional internships, volunteer opportunities, and work experiences where students can apply the knowledge and skills they’ve developed in the classroom and within a campus culture.

While our students know what a wonderful place the College is, we continue to be recognized for our excellent liberal arts education. Warner Pacific consistently ranks in the Top 10 Regional Colleges (West) by the U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges. The ranking allows prospective students and their families compare the relative quality of colleges based on widely accepted indicators of excellence such as first-year student retention, graduation rates, excellence in education, and strength of the faculty.

Warner Pacific College is one of the Top 10 Regional Colleges – West, an area that includes institutions from 14 states. The College is one of only two Oregon colleges to be in the top 10.

Warner Pacific religion class“As a small college, we are honored to be nationally recognized for the quality of our educational environment,” said Dr. Andrea P. Cook, President of Warner Pacific College. “Warner Pacific students experience a unique blend of rigorous study and authentic relationships that provide them with the confidence they need to seek a career that is both professionally rewarding and personally fulfilling.”

In addition to internships, service opportunities, and study abroad programs, Warner Pacific College also offers a wide variety of clubs, organizations, artistic groups, and leadership opportunities. Using the city as their classroom, students develop the skills necessary to become life-long learners who are prepared to face a rapidly changing world.

The information presented in the 2017 Best Colleges rankings and directory was collected during spring and summer 2016 via the U.S. News annual statistical survey of colleges.

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