Transfer Learning Community

Transfer Students

Transfer students arrive at their new school with a wide variety of personal, professional, and academic experiences. Whether you are 18 or 80, Warner Pacific is dedicated to making sure that transfer students are provided opportunities to thrive, succeed, and flourish.
That’s why we have created a new program just for transfer students, called a Transfer Experience Group or (XFR). We recognize that transfer students often experience barriers that other students do not. Our XFR is geared toward helping transfer students acclimate to a new campus, develop relationships with peers and faculty, and foster a sense of belonging within the campus culture and the city of Portland.

How does an XFR work?

We recognize that transfer students arrive at WP with a variety of different credit amounts and needs. Transfer students in an XFR take one course: REL 320, which is a required core class. Here, students learn about and discuss the mission and culture of the college (what it means to be Christ-centered, liberal arts, urban, diverse).
Our dedicated faculty and upper-class peer mentors are committed to helping students succeed. We believe an XFR will help students succeed. We create a strong learning environment through access to campus resources, the city of Portland as text and context for learning, and the strong relationships built with a community of support.

Transfer Experience Group

Spirituality, Character, and Service (REL 320-XFR) Course Description: This is a course that invites and facilitates personal discernment about vocation (understood as finding purpose, meaning, and direction in life) within a framework of spirituality, character, care for one’s neighbor—and the interconnectedness of each. It offers students opportunities and experiences that invite critical self-reflection in the context of writings, beliefs, and practices of diverse views and contexts and participation in service-learning in the city.