The Benefits of Going to an In-City College

The Benefits of Going to an In-City Colleget

You’re about to take the leap into college. You are already considering what major you are interested in. Have you decided if an urban or rural college experience is for you? Both have their benefits; however, there are some major differences when it comes to what each can offer you.

If you’ve grown up living in the in the suburbs or just outside of the city, the idea of taking one of the biggest steps in your life while simultaneously moving to the middle of an urban city can seem like a massive undertaking. As an Oregonian, Portland is not only our largest city, it is a  truly vibrant and diverse urban city and it offers a number of excellent in-city colleges. Choosing a Portland university can provide you with a wide range of benefits that a rural college experience can’t.

Enjoy A Wide Range Of Activities

Portland universities are just one part of the bustling cultural center that bring energy to  Portland. In addition to all of the activities offered by the university itself, you have the opportunity to explore the vast array of festivals, arts and cultural events, hip streets, musical venues and shops that are only available in a bigger city. Take your study group off campus to a trendy coffee shop, or sit in one of the many amazing inner city parks to read a book.

Live In An Up And Coming Area

As a college student attending a Portland university, you have the option to live in the dorms or to join up with friends and live off-campus. The city is filled with adorable neighborhoods with housing only blocks from trendy streets like Alberta or Division. Choose a home-base that inspires you to go outside and enjoy the city life so close by.

Take Advantage Of Public Transit

Another benefit of attending an in-city college is having access to public transit. Portland has an excellent array of choices, with buses, a light-rail (MAX), a trolley and even a train station nestled in downtown Portland to take you further. Try a ZipCar, take an Uber or Lyft, or rent an orange bikeshare cycle. Having to own a car is definitely an option when you are in Portland and there are many ways to save on that expense and still experience all the city has to offer.

Work Your Way Through College

With the city right outside your doorstep, you have so many opportunities for work available to you. It’s easy to find a day or night job working at a local coffee shop or serving at a restaurant. Often, Portland universities offer night classes and internships to help you find the right balance between work and study.

Start Networking Now

Most graduating students find themselves moving to the city after college to look for networking contacts, internships and opportunities for professional growth in their field. Attending an in-city college gives you access to these people and experiences before you are thrust into the real world. There are countless opportunities to meet new people, attend networking meetings and job fairs, and businesses that inspire you.

Experience New Cultures

Choosing an in-city college often means taking a trip outside of your hometown and exposing yourself to new experiences and cultures. Portland’s neighborhood offer diverse dining options including food carts, distinct entertainment (music, performance), unique architecture, large natural areas, and eclectic boutiques.

Access A Wide Range Of Resources

Public libraries, museums, meetup groups, industry experts, all of these are at your fingertips when you go to an in-city college. You are as limited in your access to professional and academic resources as your imagination is. Have a paper to write on small businesses? Go to a small business meetup group and ask founders and CEOs about their experiences. Attending a Portland university means you are in the middle of one of the fastest growing cities in America, and every day you have access to more and more unique experiences.

Take Classes At Other Universities

Portland has 19 in-city colleges available. Because there is such a large network of colleges available in the city, a lot of Portland universities also allow you to take classes at other colleges. This gives you the chance to expand your experiences even more. Adding new chances to meet people who can help you on your career path, and providing you with different avenues of learning than the Portland university you may have chosen.

Take A Trip To Anywhere

The convenience of having an international airport right in the city opens your Portland college experience up even more. Take a trip to a new place on your spring break. Explore the world and get new experiences from different cultures.

There are countless benefits to attending an in-city college. From having a diverse cultural exposure, to the benefit of experiencing a wide range of social and career building activities, you are sure to find growth and surprises during your time in college.




5 Top Reasons for Selecting an Oregon College

Portrait of smiling studentsBeing an Oregonian is a source of pride. With the huge amount of attention that Portland has been getting lately, with shows like Portlandia bringing the city and the whole state into the eyes and minds of the rest of the country, it’s no wonder that it’s starting to become a destination. Not just somewhere you are from.

That being said, people move to Oregon for a huge variety of reasons. Some move here for the notoriously seasonal weather, and others come for food and cultural reasons. If you’re a student looking at the possibility of attending an Oregon college, all of these and more are great reasons to make Oregon your destination of choice. Even natives can benefit from attending college in Oregon. With 53 different colleges to choose from, there’s something for everyone. No matter what major you’re looking for, whether you prefer an urban city, small town, or nature-focused feeling, Oregon colleges are almost as diverse as the state itself.

Here are five reasons why you should consider choosing an Oregon college:

  1. Pursue Your Outdoor Hobbies (and pick up a new one or two)

Oregon is home to one of the most diverse and lively outdoor sports cultures in the country. With world renowned mountain slopes, shockingly gorgeous beaches, densely forested mountains, and high desserts galore, you can find a place to get out and explore any outdoor hobby you love. Oregon colleges are only a stone’s throw away from these incredible outdoor landscapes. Mt. Hood, Mt. Bachelor, Mt. Ashland all of them are ready for the taking, no matter whether you’re a skier, snowboarder, snowshoer or sledder. Take a weekend trip out to the forest and explore one of the many diverse forested areas for a hike – Portland does have the largest forested park in it’s city limits: Forest Park, or take advantage of one of Oregonians favorite hobbies: camping. With tons of lakes and rivers nearby, it’s easy to find a cool place to set up a tent, go backpacking, kayaking, or waterskiing during the hot days of summer. Oregon’s outdoor culture is nation-renown and there’s a plethora of activities to do during every season.

  1. Get Into The Spirit With Oregon Sports Teams

Oregonians love their sports rivalries almost as much as they love the great outdoors. With two state universities only a couple hours away from each other, it’s safe to say that the competitive energies run high during football season. College sports are a big focus for some of these larger universities, but Oregon boasts a few pro sports teams that have made a mark, too. Basketball lovers will find that living in the home of the Blazers is rewarding, especially when the Moda Center is only a short drive away from Portland colleges. Soccer lovers can rejoice as well since Providence Park, home of the Thorns and Timbers, is only on the other side of the river in downtown Portland. During the seasons you’ll see green and yellow and black and orange all over the city as everyone gets into the mood. As such a physically active state, it’s no surprise that Oregon colleges also have options for year-round sports for any enthusiast.

  1. Experience The Quirky Culture

Portland, in particular, is known for keeping a quirky edge, but Oregon has its cultural nuances in every part of the state. As a student attending an Oregon college, you’ll find a vast array of cultures and landscapes right outside your door. Whether it’s a musical experience you are seeking, or amazing local food options, Oregon has a way of bringing out the best and most creative parts of it’s residents. Oregon has a particular affinity for music and its medium size makes it the perfect place to draw national tours, while fostering a healthy indie band culture with plenty of opportunities to both hear and play live music. With it’s focus on the outdoors, it also comes as no surprise that alternative transportation, such as biking and walking, are well encouraged and supported by infrastructure. In fact, Portland was recently named the #1 city for biking and #10 for public transit.

  1. Enjoy Every Season

While Oregon may have a reputation for rain and residents definitely like to give off dire warnings about the lack of sun, in many ways, it’s a season-lover’s dream. Summers are warm with just the right number of hot days to make you want to escape to one of the glacial lakes and rivers. Fall and spring are rainy but feature a whole array of changing nature, while winter is the perfect time to cuddle up with a cup of tea and hide in softly lit cafes. Students who attend an Oregon college get the benefit of this wide array of seasonal beauty all year round. Enjoy all your favorite seasonal activities in this state as the seasons change around you.

  1. Head Home Anytime You Want

For Oregon natives heading to an Oregon college, there’s something to be said about proximity. Especially as a college student heading out on your own for the first time. While meal plans and laundromats can take care of your basic needs most of the time, there’s nothing like going home to mom and dad for a home cooked meal and a little help with laundry every once in awhile. The familiarity of home can be a real comfort during finals weeks when all you need is to get away and focus on your studies for awhile. Not to mention how convenient home is for the holidays. Unlike heading out of state for college, going to an Oregon college as an Oregonian makes heading home for the holidays not only a possibility, but an easy trip. No expensive airplane tickets or difficult schedules to work around for the best flight option. Take a train, drive, or take the bus back home and you get to spend the holidays with your family.