Warner Pacific University offers a Christ-centered, academically rigorous, leadership focused, learning community in which faculty, staff, and students come together to share, explore, and solidify each individual’s ideas, values, and beliefs. Warner Pacific is a college that strives to develop students who are characterized by a strong personal faith, integrity, transformation, a sense of mutual responsibility, and a pursuit of personal excellence. The Warner Pacific community emphasizes seamless, holistic learning that occurs in classrooms, in residence halls, on the gym floor, in the dining hall, at worship, and at social gatherings. The Warner Pacific student population is comprised of students ranging in age from 17 to well past retirement, and originating from across the United States and many foreign countries.

Community Agreement

Warner Pacific is a college sponsored by the Church of God. Its mission, programs, and campus life are all informed by three basic traditions: Christ-centered, urban, and liberal arts.

Campus standards have grown out of the following qualities of campus life valued at Warner Pacific University:

  • Love of God, self, and neighbor
  • Respect for others
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Reconciliation
  • Freedom within restraint
  • Health and wellness
  • Spiritual growth and maturity
  • The joy and abundance of life

Students coming to this university agree to conduct themselves as responsible citizens and actively contribute to the quality of social, spiritual, and intellectual life. Violation of University policies including the Community Agreement subjects students to disciplinary action that could include a warning, probation, or dismissal from the University.

A full description of the Community Agreement appears in The Squire, the student handbook. Abiding by the Community Agreement is a condition of students’ continued enrollment at Warner Pacific University.