Daily Rhythm

Children flourish in stable environments. To help create space for them to learn the Early Learning Center focuses on structure, the predictability aids in helping them focus on each task – providing the space for their minds to grow.

8:00-9:15           Arrival and free choice

9:15-9:30           circle time

9:30-10:30         Free choice/small group

10:30-11:00       snack   

11:00-11:50       outside time

11:50-12:00       story time

12:00                  parent pick-up/lunch for full day students

1:00-3:00           quiet time/nap

3:00-3:30           group activity

3:30-4:00           snack

4:00-5:00           outside/free choice

5:00-5:30           quiet activity and/or story time