School: Arts and Social & Behavioral Sciences
Degree Type: Minor
Format: In-Person
Student Type: Traditional Undergraduate

Getting your minor in Peace Studies prepares you to engage violence and peace throughout the world in constructive and redemptive ways. It helps you understand the causes of conflicts and ways to resolve issues without violence. This is a great minor for students considering a career in the non-profit sector.


The Peace Studies minor is an interdisciplinary field of study embedded in the Christian tradition of social justice and nonviolence. The curriculum addresses the problems of social oppression, violence, and war in the context of the challenges associated with implementing nonviolent conflict resolution in the quest for a peaceful world.

19-21 credits: 12 credits in residence, 12 credits upper division.

REL/SOC 240 | Introduction to Peace Studies | 3 credits
HUM 200 | Ethics in Practice | 3 credits
SS 351 | Cultural Anthropology | 3 credits
PSY 392/492 | Internship | 3 credits

Electives: Choose 3 credits from the following
PHIL 300 | Introduction to Ethics
PS/SOC 345 | Social Problems and Public Policy
REL/SOC 310 | Religions of the World
TH/SOC 470 | Christian Social Concern
SW 481 | Family Violence across the Lifespan
SS/REL 335 | Restorative Justice

Students choose either a Micro Level focus or a Macro Level analysis within the minor.

Micro Level focus:
SS/COMM 200 | Interpersonal Communication | 2 credits
SS/BUS 380 | Conflict: From Theory to Action | 3 credits

Macro Level analysis:
COMM 300 | Communication Theory | 3 credits
PS/ SS 355 | International Relations | 3 credits

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