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Format: In-Person
Student Type: Traditional Undergraduate

Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management Degree

In designing the Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management degree, Warner Pacific University considered the needs and evolving nature of today’s workforce—increasingly global, rapidly innovating, and seeking out diverse perspectives to drive results. 

Today’s human resources professionals aren’t merely individuals who fill seats and examine labor laws. They’re instrumental in an organization’s success and growth. Human resources teams establish company culture, attract and assist the careers of employees, and contribute to existing workers’ enrichment and training. 

Reflecting this, WPU’s accelerated BS in Human Resource Management program takes a holistic and modern look at the industry while equipping working professionals with the skills needed to make sound hiring, retention, and benefits decisions. A convenient one-evening-per-week format allows you to earn this credential and complete your bachelor’s around your existing career, family, and other obligations.

Program Objectives

The accelerated Bachelor’s in Human Resource Management degree examines all aspects of recruitment, employee retention, and labor regulations. This program of study progresses through topics in resource planning, employee selection, placement and orientation, training, career development, labor relations, and developing effective policies and procedures in public and private sectors.

Although this accelerated degree starts with a foundation in business courses, its overall perspective examines how human behavior, laws, and labor relations overlap and influence a company’s culture and growth. With the goal of developing ethical, confident, and knowledgeable leaders who engage employees and serve their communities, the program touches on business theories and best practices and balances these areas with hands-on applications. 

For eventually earning Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and other industry certifications, students:

  • gain a fundamental understanding of the core functions composing human resources, including staffing, employee retention, training and development, technology, and designing benefits packages with paid leave, insurance, and retirement plans;
  • learn to integrate all areas of human resources together and within the workplace as a whole while making data-driven decisions;
  • strengthen their problem-solving, leadership, communication, administration, technology, and strategic-thinking skills;
  • become proficient in functional business areas, like marketing, finance, organizational leadership, management theory, and legal and regulatory topics;
  • improve their cultural competency and communication skills in relation to networking, professional growth, and representing a company to different audiences;
  • learn to apply human resource practices to solve organizational issues; and
  • develop the skills to establish a positive, encouraging, and ethical company culture that values diverse perspectives and experiences. 

Accelerated BS in Human Resource Management Curriculum

The accelerated Bachelor’s in Human Resource Management degree starts with a business core exploring marketing, organizational behavior, finance, and employment and business laws. 

From this foundation, the program shifts toward advanced, more specific human resources areas, including industry theories, communication, workplace compensation, employee benefits, and technology applications. This mix trains students to effectively recruit, hire, and manage employees who improve productivity and grow a business and to assess and develop solutions for all legal, labor, and ethics issues present in the 21st century workplace.

Program Requirements

Degree Plans

(In addition to Warner Pacific Core Studies Requirements)

Prerequisite: 3 credits
BUS 223 | Introduction to Microsoft Office | 3 credits

Major Requirements: 48 credits: 30 credits in residence, 34 credits total upper division.
BUS 120 | Intro to Business and Personal Finance | 3 credits
BUS 195 | Internship Preparation | 2 credits
BUS 261 | Organization Writing and Presentations | 3 credits
BUS 290 | Ethics, Social Issues, & Responsibility | 3 credits
BUS 303 | Business & Employment Law | 3 credits
BUS 318 | Performance Management, Strategy & Change | 3 credits
BUS 319 | Introduction to Human Resource Management | 3 credits
BUS 321 | Organizational Behavior & Design | 3 credits
BUS 329 | Cross-Cultural Communication, Staffing & Recruitment | 3 credits
BUS 330** | Components of Workplace Compensation | 3 credits
BUS 375** | Human Resource Information Technology | 3 credits
BUS 378** | HR Analytics | 3 credits
BUS 460** | Fundamentals of Employee Benefits | 3 credits
BUS 495 | Internship | 1-6 credits
BUS 497** | HR Capstone | 3 credits
MKTG 242 | Marketing | 3 credits
Elective: Select at least 3 credits from the following
BUS 327** | Employee Training & Development (3 credits)
BUS 462** | HR Finance & Budgeting (3 credits)

** Courses indicated with the double asterisk are offered in collaboration with the PGS program. These courses are typically offered in an accelerated, 5-week format and meet either in the evening or online. Please consult with your Academic Advisor for additional information.

Accelerated Format

Designed specifically for working adults, the accelerated BS in Human Resource Management degree stands on WPU’s history of extending educational opportunities to diverse populations. For over 25 years, our Professional & Graduate Studies (PGS) programs have presented working adults with the opportunity to complete their bachelor’s in a format congruent with their professional aspirations.

Scheduled one night per week in the same location, courses:

  • last five weeks each, unless noted;
  • are taught by faculty with experience in the field, who enhance the curriculum with their own insights and perspectives on the latest methods;
  • start on a monthly basis, preventing students from waiting a full semester and delaying their goals; 
  • are based on a cohort model, ideal for getting to know your instructors and making connections with your fellow students; and
  • are held at WPU’s conveniently located campuses in Portland and Vancouver

Careers in Human Resource Management

As businesses expand, the need for knowledgeable and innovative human resources professionals grows. Based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), this pattern is predicted to continue between 2019 and 2029: on average, companies will need 7% more human resource specialists and 6% more human resource managers to address staffing needs and attract top talent.

Within this sphere, demand for human resource professionals trickles down to other roles involving compensation and employee training. The BLS’s data indicates companies will also need 3% more compensation and benefits managers and 7% more training and development managers over this period. 


Thinking about advancing your career in the business world with a human resources degree? To apply to the accelerated BS in Human Resource Management program, students must:

  • have completed 48 to 60 semester credits at a regionally accredited college or university or through CLEP exams or ACE evaluations for military experience and job training; 
  • fill out an application and submit the application fee;
  • supply transcripts from all higher education institutions attended to date and high school transcripts if you have earned fewer than six semester credits;
  • have at least two years of full-time work experience; and
  • have earned a cumulative 2.0 GPA for all previously completed college-level coursework. 

Students whose native language is not English must also show proof of English proficiency by earning a minimum score of 70 on the TOEFL or a 6 on the IELTS.

Learn More About WPU’s Accelerated Bachelor’s in Human Resource Management Degree

If you envision setting the tone for future company culture and building stronger, success-driven teams, get started on that path with WPU’s accelerated Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management degree. To learn more about the program, contact PGS Admissions by email or by phone at 800-804-1510, or request additional information today.



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