Terrell, David J.

Warner Pacific faculty David TerrellProfessor of Physical Science
Email DTerrell@warnerpacific.edu
Phone 503.517.1096


  • Post-Doc Analytical Chemistry applied to Geochemistry, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England
  • Ph.D.  Mass Spectrometry and Geochronology, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England
  • M.S. Geophysics and Geochemistry, National University of Mexico
  • B.S. Physical Science (Physics), University of San Luis Potosi, Mexico


After doing research at the Mexican Petroleum Institute and being a member of the Engineering Faculty at the National University in Mexico for more than 14 years, Dr. Terrell joined the faculty of Warner Pacific College to teach Physical Sciences. His passion for nature and the need for the promotion of stewardship of the environment make Dr. Terrell to be very active inside and outside of the classroom. His academic duties involve teaching Physics, General and Organic Chemistry, and Environmental Science and the development and updating of curriculum in these areas. He is an active member of international, national, and local organizations as listed below. Dr. Terrell has been married for more than 36 years to his wife Maria Eugenia, and they have two children: Jorge who graduated with a Fine Arts degree from the National University of Mexico and Bernice who is also (as dad) pursuing a career on hard science and mathematics.

Professional Affiliations:  

  • American Geophysical Union
  • American Chemical Society
  • National Science Teacher Association
  • Pacific Northwest Association of College Physics
  • Portland Area Chemistry Teacher Association
  • Geochemical Institute (Mexico)


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