A Wonderful Celebration!

“It’s the moment WPU students and loved ones have looked forward to for years as the culmination of their academic accomplishment and beginning of a rewarding career,” said President Brian Johnson. “We are so impressed by our students’ persistence during these pandemic years, and deeply proud of their Christian commitment to values of service and leadership. The world needs our graduates…we could not be more honored to be sending more multicultural, faith-filled leaders into the very professions that need them the most.”

“Our students come from all stages of life, and often have overcome great adversity to reach this milestone,” said Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Miriam Chitiga. “Whether they are a traditional college-goer, or an adult student returning to achieve a new goal, we strive to walk with each and every one of our students and to empower them to fulfill their personal calling. We absolutely couldn’t be more proud of our graduates.”

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