Transfer Scholarships and Grants

2017-2018 Academic Year

Applicants for all scholarships must complete the Warner Pacific College Application for Admission and be admitted in good standing as a full-time student in the traditional semester program. The following scholarships, awards, and grants require full-time enrollment (except church matching grants), and are only available to new transfer students with more than 12 transferable semester credits working toward their first undergraduate degree.

Academic Scholarships

Warner Pacific academic scholarships for Transfer students are automatically awarded based on a combination of cumulative college grade point average (GPA). Students can only receive one of the below Academic Scholarships. Academic Scholarships are renewable for 3 additional years.

Minimum GPA



3.5 – 4.0

Honors Scholarship

$4,000 each year
3.0 – 3.49

Faculty Scholarship

$3,500 each year
2.5 – 2.99

Transfer Award

$2,500 per year

Other Awards & Grants

Awards and Grants are renewable for three additional years unless otherwise indicated.



Award Guidelines

Athletic Award


Contact coach for additional information.

Church Matching Grant

Up to $500 each semester

Warner Pacific College will match church contributions toward education. Church contribution required, must be received by the 10th day of each semester.  Download an informational letter for your church.

City Builders$1,500 each year

Awarded to 20 students each year this scholarship program requires leadership development and engagement with connecting Warner Pacific to each student’s community/neighborhood. Recipients must attend once-a-week training workshops during the summer leading into their first year at WPC. Click here for more information.

Music AwardsUp to $2,500 each year

For student involved in the Music Program. Recipients must participate in music performance groups. Application and audition required. Click here for more information.

Drama AwardsUp to $2,500 each year

For students involved in the Drama Program. Recipients must participate in Theatre production. Application and audition required.

All students are strongly encouraged to file the FAFSA as soon after October 1 as possible. The Warner Pacific College code to enter on the FAFSA is 003225. This will allow us to review individual financial information and determine eligibility for federal, state, and other institutional aid opportunities.