Partnership with Lower Columbia College

We are partnering with Lower Columbia College to provide both bachelor’s degree completion and graduate study for their students who successfully complete two-year programs.

As a partner in their University Center, we have an on-campus presence to meet and advise students regarding continuing their education after they earn associate level degrees. Though there are several universities and colleges who partner with LCC to provide degree completion programs online, soon WPC will be the only college to offer students face-to-face programs on the LCC campus. We will be able to offer the full range of our ADP programs at LCC (with the exception of associate level degrees), and students can be part of a face-to-face cohort or could opt for an online program.

LCC is really pleased with the WPC mission and our commitment to first generation students. In addition, we have a number of WPC alumni that work at LCC or in the Longview area. This partnership has great potential for us.