Develop an Edge within the Changing Market With an MBA!

The business landscape is changing rapidly, so you must be prepared to grow with it.  To lead and achieve positive social change, you will need to understand how to effectively demonstrate leadership and create sound business strategies.  More than ever, companies are looking for graduates with advanced degrees.  You want to grow professionally and an MBA from Warner Pacific College will help you advance your career path.

With our flexible one night a week class schedule, an MBA from Warner Pacific will help you advance your career without interfering with your career.

In this program, you will be empowered to be a leader in the ever changing business world by understanding how to execute team building and leadership strategies,  analyze the local and global impact of organizational decisions, understand the role of diversity in creating strong organizational culture, and evaluate relevant data to solve complex business problems.  These essential skill sets are an absolute must have for anyone wanting to go beyond where they are currently and advance.

With technology and market changes, an MBA is becoming an essential for anyone serious in advancing.  This advanced degree can help optimize your current role and also create new opportunities for you.  It will give you that competitive edge when you are put against the competition, along with the confidence and skill set to perform at a high level.   Invest in yourself and become more marketable by growing your skills with this MBA!

The MBA degree is ideal for those wanting to advance in their current position or achieve that new career placement in these fields:

Global BusinessMarketing
Non-Profit LeadershipConsulting
Human ResourcesSocial Services

Program Details

  • 14 Courses / 42 Credit Hours
  • Each class 6 weeks in length
  • $720 per Credit Hour
  • Online and On-the-Ground Classes
  • One Night a Week from 6pm-10pm
  • Financial Aid is Available

Application Requirements

  • Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.
    • (If GPA is under 3.0, the applicant may supply a letter explaining circumstances that affected their undergraduate GPA)
  • Official transcripts from all prior college institutions
  • Group Interview
  • 3 writing samples addressing pre-determined questions


MBA Course List
Course TitleCreditsLength
BUS/MOL 500AFoundations for Successful Graduate Studies36 wks
BUS/MOL 501ALeadership, Diversity and High Performance Teams36 wks
BUS/MOL 502ALeading, Learning and Communicating in a Technical Society36 wks
BUS/MOL 505AOrganizational Systems and Change Management36 wks
BUS/MOL 600AOrganizational Ethics, Values, and the Law36 wks
BUS 503ACorporate Finance36 wks
BUS 603AStrategies for Local and Emerging Economics36 wks
BUS 604AInnovation, Creativity and Competitiveness36 wks
BUS 606AManagerial Accounting and Financial Strategies36 wks
BUS 607AStrategies for Marketing Success36 wks
BUS 608ACreative Leadership for Efficient Operations36 wks
BUS 609AInnovation Decision Making in Business36 wks
BUS 610ALeading in a Global Environment36 wks
BUS 614AStrategy/Capstone36 wks