Warner Pacific Music Department

You don’t have to be a music major to receive a music scholarship!

Music scholarship auditions require their own application, interview, and performance. Contact the Music Department at 503.517.1062 to schedule an audition.

Applicants must already be admitted to Warner Pacific University and submit a scholarship application prior to their audition.

Music Scholarships range from $500-1,500 per year, depending on the level of talent and needs of the various Warner Pacific ensembles.


Do you offer music scholarships? Yes, we offer talent-based music scholarships.

How does the audition work? Who will be at the audition and judge my performance? The music faculty attend your audition and select the performers that will best support the needs of WPU’s ensembles. At the audition, you will be asked to perform two selections, sight read a piece of music, and have an opportunity to speak about your musical history. For your first selection, an art song or aria (vocalists), or a sonata movement (instrumentalists) is to be presented. The second selection may be of a more vernacular nature is welcome, such as a Broadway show tune or jazz song.

Am I required to have an accompanist? Providing your own accompanist is recommended but not required. You may also choose to bring a recording of your accompaniment on CD or tape.

How many scholarships are awarded each year? How much money is awarded and what will I have to do to renew this scholarship each year? The number of scholarships, as well as the amount of money given out each year varies; in order to renew a scholarship, you must re-audition annually.

Is there a specific date for auditions or can they be done at anytime? We prefer auditions to be done on specific dates in the spring when all faculty will be present. To find out our upcoming audition dates, contact the Music Department at 503.517.1062. In some cases, we will allow a different date to be selected.

I can’t make the specific audition date. Can I send a CD or post a link for my audition? Yes, this is an acceptable alternative if you cannot make the actual audition date on campus. If you choose to submit a CD or post a link to your performance, please ensure that it is of good quality.

Are scholarships available if I do not intend to complete a major or minor in music? Yes, music scholarships are available to all students, as long as recipients perform in Concert Choir, Warner Chorale, Wind Ensemble, or Jazz Band.

If I am a transfer student, can I still qualify for a music scholarship? Is the timeline the same? Yes, you may still qualify for a scholarship if you are transferring from another school. All applicants must attend an on-campus audition, or submit a CD or performance link.

I play two instruments. Would you like to hear both? You may audition on more than one instrument.