Off-Campus Studies

Learning Abroad

Every year Warner Pacific students team up with the CCCU (Council for Christian Colleges and Universities) and its Best Semester Program to take advantage of off-campus study opportunities that help expand and enrich their worldviews.

Warner Pacific and Best Semester for learning abroadSome of the opportunities you’ll have to learn beyond campus include:

  • Semester Programs
  • American Studies Program
  • Australia Studies Centre
  • China Studies Program
  • Contemporary Music Center
  • India Studies Program
  • Latin American Studies Program
  • L.A. Film Studies Center
  • Middle East Studies Program
  • Oxford Summer Programme
  • Scholars’ Semester in Oxford
  • Uganda Studies Program
  • Washington Journalism Center

For more details about Warner Pacific’s off-campus study programs, information about additional opportunities, and application information contact the Office of Student Affairs at 503.517.1002 or the Best Semester Program website.