Current Music Student Profiles

Music profile brianna oomsBrianna Ooms
Junior majoring in Vocal Performance

My favorite thing about the Music Department is the communal learning. We pull the best out of one another. We challenge, encourage, reflect, enjoy, help, critique, and love each other.

music profile emily shaindlin

Emily Shaindlin
Junior majoring in Music Theory and Composition

I’ve taken up two more instruments since joining the WPC music department and it’s because I’m surrounded by talented musicians who truly know their stuff. I’m constantly challenged to be better and always supported in my attempts to do so.


Warner Pacific College Music StudentBenjamin Hartle
Junior majoring in Music Education

Under the leadership of our music faculty, I’ve learned so much! I’ve grown as a performer, a student, an educator, a person, and a Christian.


Warner Pacific Music StudentBrooke Larkins
Freshman majoring in Music Business

The Warner Pacific Music Department feels like a family of music lovers. Everyone is always so supportive of each other.

Warner Pacific Music Department studentZachary Kahler
Senior majoring in Music Theory and Composition

Thanks to the Warner Pacific Music Department, I’ve grown musically: theoretically, aurally, pedagogically, motivationally, and practically.



ariel-cook-music-departmentAriel Cook
Senior majoring in Music Studies

I have learned what it is to be a musician in a creative, intellectual and theological way and to notice, respect, and appreciate genuine musicianship.



andrea-coler-music-studentAndee Coler
Junior studying Music Education

My favorite thing about the Warner Pacific Music Department is the people. I am graced with excellent professors, an excellent private instructor, and excellent friends to match.