Change the Future for the Better as a Teacher

Earn your bachelor of arts and master of arts in less than five years at Warner Pacific University!

A typical undergraduate program for secondary education can take 5-6 years to complete and still requires you to earn a master’s degree within 10 years of graduation. That adds up to a lot of time and money. Our combined BA/MAT is the fastest way to earn your degrees, which means you start teaching sooner and see an average savings of $34,000 over the course of your education.

As an undergraduate you will focus on a 4-year study plan in your desired content area. After graduation in May, you begin your licensure program and move immediately into a full-time, 7-month Master of Arts in Teaching program.

The 4.5 Program Prepares Teachers in the Following Areas:

  • Advanced Math
  • Biology
  • English Language Arts
  • Reading
  • Social Studies

Warner Pacific provides over 100 hours of practicum experience in urban and suburban schools throughout the Portland Metro area before your student teaching even begins.

Student teaching is done under the supervision of a licensed mentor teacher and includes a 15-week full-time student teaching experience with the support of a university supervisor. This firsthand experience gives pre-service teachers an understanding of the diverse nature of today’s classroom and a comprehensive preparation to enter this exciting and rewarding profession.