Be a Visionary

The first of its kind in Oregon, the Entrepreneurship major equips students with the expertise needed to create innovative business ventures that address society’s most pressing challenges.

An entrepreneur identifies small- and large-scale social problems and takes responsibility for providing sustainable solutions. Entrepreneurs are visionaries, committing their lives to transform society. At Warner Pacific, our service-oriented approach helps Entrepreneurship majors gain practical experience through dynamic coursework, motivating them to engage with the community and the world beyond.

Entrepreneurship Capstone Project Includes:

• Research and articulation of a social need that could be met through entrepreneurial investment
• Mentoring from the Entrepreneurial Advisory Board, comprised of faculty and regional business leaders
• Creation of a detailed business plan that demonstrates how your business will meet the social need
• Cash awards for the best business plans, allowing students to become real-world social entrepreneurs by the time they graduate

Although knowledge gained through classroom course work is important, applying what you learn in real world situations helps you retain and better understand that knowledge.

As an Entrepreneurship major, the Business program will provide you with the experience, training, and professional connections you need to be successful after you graduate.