Christian Ministries Focus

Investing in the Lives of Others

Our location in the city of Portland gives a distinctive edge to the Christian Ministries (CMN) major. Our Wesleyan theological perspective reflects our interest in issues of peace and justice, and calls us to action to invest in the lives of others and to show up where God is already at work. Our prime location offers an ideal setting to achieve our mission.

In addition to the rigorous foundational coursework, you’d expect to find in a program of this caliber, in classes like Life Span and Human Development, Experiencing God’s Calling and Christian Social Concern, Warner Pacific CMN majors are challenged to explore areas of ministry outside their comfort zones. Though you may have already decided on a career path, you’ll have the advantage of discovering alternatives through a second-year experience in four urban ministries. In your third year, you will dive more deeply into a focused internship experience designed to stretch your thinking and equip you with marketable skills. WPC’s Humanities Core provides a unique experience in your fourth year to grapple with problems in a written thesis within your chosen area of interest, strengthening your preparation for a life of meaning and purpose.

“God saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works but according to his own purpose and grace.” 2 Tim. 1:9



We focus on four touchstones for discerning life’s direction; Bible, reason, church tradition and experience, which collectively form the core of our curriculum. Students experience creative opportunities to explore and apply these principles to their own story and calling. Preparing for, experiencing and reflecting on one’s personal ministry are critical elements carefully woven into this program.

Academic excellence has always been a hallmark of our program, and this learning takes place in settings from the classroom to the dorm room, and from internships, mentoring and service opportunities. An understanding of, and commitment to, the increasingly urban world context is key.

Ministry formation involves content, skills, experience, and character development, while also incorporating competencies, passions, and personal values. We believe ministry takes place in varied venues, from a local church, chaplaincy settings, para-church sites and decidedly cross-cultural locations.


Our department exists to assist the Church in forming leaders that speak and act in the name and style of Jesus Christ. In order to accomplish this goal, we’re committed to helping students:

  1. Become Christ-like: Christian ministry begins with a deliberate decision to live one’s life under the lordship of Jesus Christ. It is the decision to reach out in word and deed to draw persons into a relationship with Jesus Christ, and then nurture them to Christ-like maturity. This type of leadership formation is biblical, relational and purposeful.
  2. Utilize a Wesleyan Holiness approach in making disciples: Warner Pacific College is committed to forming disciple-making leaders for the 21st century within a decidedly Wesleyan-Holiness framework. Ministry formation intertwines crucial elements of ministry preparation and recognition that Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience establish the foundation for coming to know God and His will for our lives, both individually and within the community.
  3. Develop a foundation for ministry: The Christian Ministries Department intends to set forth a rigorous academic journey for our students. Subjects such as Bible, Theology, Ethics and Church History, among others, construct the foundational building blocks of ministry preparation.

For a student to be equipped for today’s ministry, he or she must be proficient in writing, preaching, teaching, exegesis, and counseling, among other skills. To help students test their newly-acquired knowledge and emerging ministry skills in the “real world,” they’re expected to explore various ministry options through guided internships and service opportunities. By junior year, students focus on a specific ministry path.

The capstone of our program is an unwavering commitment to ground and form students in their Christ-like identity and character.