Chiropractic Program

Chiropractors use natural healing techniques and manual manipulations of the spine, neck, and back to treat a myriad of afflictions in patients, particularly of the musculoskeletal system.

Our science students can gain entry into the Doctor of Chiropractic program offered at the University of Western States while finishing the requirements for their Bachelor of Science degree from Warner Pacific; obtaining their post-secondary degree sooner than others.

In December 2014, Warner Pacific partnered with the University of Western States (UWS), located in NE Portland, for direct entry by qualified WP students into the UWS Doctor of Chiropractic degree program.

Warner Pacific students must:

  • Complete 3 years at Warner Pacific
  • Have a GPA of 3.25 or higher

After successfully completing their first five quarters at UWS, WP students will receive their Bachelors of Science in Biological Science degree. This unique partnership eliminates one year of classroom time; saving WP students money and time when obtaining their Doctor of Chiropractic.

Benefits to Warner Pacific students:

  • Be admitted to the chiropractic program at University of Western States with all the necessary pre-requisite courses completed
  • Earn a Doctor of Chiropractic in less time(this program partnership will reduce the time in class by about a year)
  • Save an average of $19,000 in tuition
  • Obtain a B.S from Warner Pacific and a D.C. from University of Western States
  • Receive hands-on clinical training


General Education Requirements taken at WPC:
FYLC Freshman Experience3
BIO 102General Biology II4
BI 151Bible as Lit3
EN 101English Composition3
EN 200Advanced Composition3
COMM 200Interpersonal Communications2
PSY 140 or 141General Psychology3
HE 150Personal Health2
Two PE Activities2
HUM 212Earthkeeping3
HUM 310Faith, Living and Learning3
HUM 410Senior Humanities Seminar3
REL 220/REL 320Religion3
Approved Religion Elective3
Two Hist/Lit/Phil Electives6
Cult/Historical Fine Arts Elective2-3
Participatory Fine Arts Elective1-2
Major Requirements taken at WPC:
BIO 101General Biology4
BIO 102General Biology II4
BIO 221Anatomy & Physiology4
BIO 222Anatomy & Physiology II4
BIO 245Evolution3
PHS 211General Chemistry4
PHS 212General Chemistry II4
PHS 221Physics4
PHS 222Physics II4
PHS 301Organic Chemistry4
PHS 302Organic Chemistry II4
MA 342Statistics4
Upper Division Field/Organismal Biology Elective4
Transfer Courses: Courses taken at UWS in the Basic Sciences
BSC 5116Cell Biology (3.5 quarter credits)2.35 (semester credits)
BSC 5217Histology (5 qc)3.35 (sc)
BSC 5309Physiology (5 qc)3.35 (sc)
BSC 5314Human Development (3 qc)2 (sc)
BSC 6109Physiology II (5 qc)3.35 (sc)
BSC 6112Microbiology, Immunology, Public Health (5.5 qc)3.69 (sc)
BSC 6213Clinical Microbiology & Public Health (6 qc)4 (sc)
Elective credits to reach 124Varies

































(Updated Oct. 2016)