Message from the Faculty: Shelly Hartzell

Accounting is often called “the language of business.”  Every time you buy something to eat, every time you fill your car up with gas, every time you pay a bill – someone somewhere must record that transaction for a business.  We literally cannot run our county without accountants.

There are many career options for accountants.  Whatever you are interested in, you can turn into a career.  If you are interested in entertainment, there are accountants tracking that movie revenue.  If you like technology, there are accountants who use advanced technology to detect fraud and criminal activity.  Behind every sports team, network, event, hospital, and school – there are accountant professionals who help make it happen.  If you are interested in what our country does with all that money – find out with a career in government.  There are even careers in accounting for environmental friendly reporting and emerging areas as such as tracking diamonds to make sure they are conflict free.

Accountants are just as smart, funny, diverse, and fascinating as you are.  Accounting also pays well – forget minimum wage.  All that hard work you do in school will show up in your paycheck – even with your first accounting job.  Accounting jobs typically are challenging and require a dedication to responsibility and integrity.

Successful accountants have strong math skills and good communication skills.  The accounting profession also requires organization, attention to detail, strong ethics, honesty, and problem solving skills.  The liberal arts – music, English, history – all help you to develop these problem solving skills that will be so valuable to you as a future business leader and accountant.

For some students, the bachelor degree is just one step in their accounting career.  The next challenge is passing one of the professional examinations to become a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Managerial Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor, or another of the many highly regarded Certifications the profession offers. Regardless of whether you choose to sit for a professional examination, the study of accounting will help you be successful in any area of business.

We at Warner Pacific College can help you with that success.