Accounting Emphasis: Business Administration

Emphasis in Accounting

Part 1: General Education Core Courses
(See Core Studies Requirements)

Part 2: Business Administration Core Courses
(See Business Core Courses)

Part 3: Required Courses for Accounting: 24 credits: 24 upper-division credits in residence.

BUS 311Intermediate Accounting I3
BUS 312Intermediate Accounting II3
BUS 314Cost Accounting3
BUS 411Advanced Accounting3
BUS 412Introduction to Taxation3
BUS 332Auditing3
BUS 335Accounting Information Systems3

One or more electives:

BUS 331Non-profit accounting3
BUS 490Accounting Topics1-3
BUS 413Advanced Taxation3
BUS 415VITA/Tax Volunteer3

Program Objectives:

On successful completion of the major in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting, graduates will be able to demonstrate:

  • The proficiencies listed under the core requirements for the business administration major.
  • Proficiency with the basic functional competencies of decision making, risk analysis, measurement, reporting, research, and leveraging technology to enhance functional competencies.
  • Proficiency with the basic personal competencies of professional demeanor, problem-solving and decision making, interaction, leadership, communication, project management, and leveraging technology to enhance personal competencies.
  • Proficiency with the broad business perspective competencies of strategic and critical thinking, industry and sector perspective, international and global perspective, resource management, legal and regulatory perspective, marketing and client forces, and leveraging technology to enhance business competencies.

Student outcomes are also measured in association with department outcomes which are aligned with the College’s core themes.

(Nov 2014)