Diversity at WPC buttonWarner Pacific College is dedicated to seeing individuals, families, and communities flourish. As an urban college designed to serve students from diverse backgrounds, Warner Pacific was recognized for its ethnic diversity on campus by U.S. News & World Report Best College Guide 2016.How Warner Pacific defines diversity

I’ve learned that being part of a diverse community means welcoming a variety of cultures, perspectives, and beliefs. Being part of this community means thinking past my own needs and perspectives in order to make room for those who are different from me, striving to make this campus an equitable place for all.
Britny Belcher ’16, Bachelor of Human Development and Family Studies

Warner Pacific students chattingBeing part of a diverse community means everything to me because it confirms that I am part of Jesus’ work. Diversity is an active response to addressing the needs of those who have been historically pushed to the margins; it’s a commitment to ensuring there is equity in the services we provide here.
Kia C. Smith ’15, Master of Religion

My Master of Science in Management and Organizational Leadership cohort was very diverse; something I believe was intentional on the part of the Warner Pacific. In forming teams, the College really tried to mix us up in a way that showcased our diversity of skills, experience, gender, and everything in between. This reinforced the idea that diversity does not happen without intentionality. Workforce demographics are shifting rapidly, so to prepare graduates to work in the real world, they need to learn to flourish in diverse teams.
Mike Moreland ’12, MSMOL

Warner Pacific worshipThe College’s focus on attracting and retaining students who would not otherwise see a clear path to college and beyond is a spotlight practice. The fact that the recent freshmen class was made up of 55% students of color shows that the College has a passionate purpose in advancing equity in our community.
Dan Ryan, CEO, All Hands Raised

We have seen the difference Warner Pacific has made in the lives of Latino students and in the broader community by making it their mission to serve the hardest to reach student populations, investing in their potential, and surfacing their leadership.
Carmen Rubio, Executive Director, Latino Network