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Our goal is to provide a supportive and confidential environment to address student concerns and needs.  Our services are designed to help develop deeper self-awareness, strengthen coping skills, foster healthy relationships and improve academic performance and community engagement. The Center offers free and confidential counseling services to Warner Pacific students including individual and group therapy, mediation, crisis management, evaluation, referral, and community outreach.

The Counseling Center is staffed by the Director of the Counseling Center, the Outreach Coordinator/Counselor and a group of graduate counseling interns.  The counseling center operates a graduate training program which accepts graduate counseling interns pursuing advanced degrees in counseling and clinical psychology each academic year.  To ensure quality mental health services, each intern receives ongoing clinical supervision and training from a licensed professional counselor.

The Counseling Center is located at 2211 SE 66th Avenue (at the end of the street in a white house called the “Caldwell House.”)

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