Spring Drama Performance: Changes of Heart

Changes of Heart, a comedy by French playwright Pierre de Marivaux, translated and adapted by Stephen Wadsworth.

The Prince loves Silvia, but Silvia is quite sure that she loves Harlequin, though she kind of likes the Guardsman, but she definitely, absolutely, positively does not love the Prince, she thinks. Meanwhile, Harlequin, who is totally in love with Silvia, also likes Flaminia, and food.

In Changes of Heart, which premiered in 1723 (as La Double Inconstance, or The Double Inconstancy), Marivaux captures the shifting sentiments of an enlightened Europe. His characters struggle to reason in matters of love only to discover that love is not necessarily reasonable.

Changes of Heart will open Thursday, March 6, and runs Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings starting at 7:30 pm, and Sunday afternoons (2:00 pm) through March 16.

For tickets, call or visit the WPC Bookstore on campus, 503.517.1100.