Renew Your Library Items Online

Log in to your library account by entering your name, the last 6 digits of your WPC ID barcode, and a PIN of your choosing. This allows you to:

  • See what items you have checked out and when they are due.
  • See any fines or blocks on your record. (Fines Appeal Form)
  • Check your address/phone information to make sure it is correct.
  • View the status of any hold requests you have made.
  • Renew most items online (twice), even if they are overdue.
  • Store preferred searches.
  • Keep track of your reading history.
  • Suggest titles the library should add to the collection.

You can also renew an item by phone (503-517-1102) or email (

Remember that you will still be responsible for any overdue fines incurred between the time items are overdue and when they are renewed; however, renewing will keep your fines from increasing.

Click Here to Renew!

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