Payment Procedure

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  • Print this page for your records. You will not receive a confirmation email.
  • Arrive at ADP’s Cascade 205 (2600 SE 98th Ave., Suite 200, Portland) on the day of the test by the scheduled time.
Complete Your Registration:

(1) Pay the non-refundable site fee by the ONE WEEK PAYMENT DEADLINE:

Phone payments (please choose the number that corresponds with the first letter of your last name):

  • A – D: 503.517.1559 (Wendy will help you)
  • E – K: 503.517.1562 (Casey will help you)
  • L – K: 503.517.1558 (Tai will help you)
  • R – Z: 503.517.1561 (Dawn will help you)

Centre 205 – ADP Financial Services
Drop box at Center 205.

(2) Provide the receipt for payment of the site fee prior to test date by emailing it to

IMPORTANT: No test will be administered without payment.


  • $80 CLEP Credit/Debit only paid on Test Date.
  • $80 DSST Credit only paid on Test Date. (Debit cards may be rejected at DSST)


ADP’s Cascade 205 (2600 SE 98th Ave., Suite 200, Portland)

  • The tests will be administered upstairs in the computer lab where an ADP representative will there assist you.
  • Rescheduling a test requires 48 hour prior notification by emailing Karen Banks at