Health & Wellness Services

The Student Health/Wellness Center provides basic health and wellness services. These include emergency first aid, nursing assessments, advice, referrals, and health/wellness education.


Phone: 503.517.1001
Email: TBA

Center Location: Smith Hall, D Wing

Center Hours:

    • 10:30 am to 3 pm – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
    • 10:30 am to 2 pm – Friday

After Hours Services

Peer Assistants, Residence Life, and Campus Safety staff are trained to assist students with basic first aid needs, as well as CPR. In addition, the Athletic Trainer is often on campus through the evenings and is a good resource for questions regarding injuries. Warner Pacific is fortunate to be within three miles of two excellent hospitals and we have found that Portland EMS usually responds to our campus calls within three minutes or less.


Each semester, a mandatory $40 fee is charged to all students enrolled in 6 or more credits. This helps to cover all services and over-the-counter medications and supplies offered by the Health and Wellness Center; no fees are charged at time of service.


Student Health/Wellness Services and Medical Insurance

All students are encouraged to carry their own personal health insurance, while Accident Insurance is automatically provided for students enrolled in six or more credits as a part of their general fees. Information on several good health insurance plans is available as needed from the Office of Student Financial Services or the Health and Wellness Center.

Oregon State Law requires that all full-time students show proof of receiving a second dose of measles-containing vaccine. Students are also asked to provide record of receiving all immunizations mandated by the Oregon Department of Health Services for all public and private schools.

In addition, all students are required to provide a completed Health Information form. Completed forms should be submitted at registration, are kept on file in the Student Health and Wellness Center, and are used for health appraisal and personal counseling information. All Health History information is kept confidential and requires student permission for any further distribution.

International students have additional requirements, as follows: 1. Oregon law prohibits foreign students with non-immigrant visas and no measles immunizations from starting classes (or even coming on campus) until they have at least their first measles immunization; they must then get the second measles immunization within a month after school starts or they cannot continue; 2. they must provide proof of tuberculosis Screening (PPD/Mantoux) within six months of entering college.