Faith and Service Commitment

All students enrolled in 12 or more credit hours are expected to participate in the Faith and Service Commitment Program

Waivers of chapel and service requirements are automatically given for those involved in the Adult Degree Program, Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Education Students, students who are completing their student teaching semester, Master’s level candidates, and students taking less than 12 credits.

Residential Student

  • Required to attend 15 chapels each semester; roughly half of the chapels offered.
  • Required to complete 10 service hours.

Commuter Student

  • Required to have a combination of chapels and service hours that equal 25.
  • Must have a minimum of five chapels and five service hours.

Chapel attendance scanner will be at the doorway before chapel. Scanning will only be available during the first 15 minutes of chapel and students must scan out again at the end of chapel. It is the student’s responsibility to bring their ID card to chapel. Cards that are not scanned BOTH in and out will not be counted for attendance.

Service Defined

Service at Warner Pacific College is defined as work that is done to the benefit of those who are within personal proximity and/or experiencing poverty in some way, with a priority for those individuals meeting both.

The spirit of the service requirement is to encourage a lifestyle that reflects Christ’s commands to love our neighbors and to help those who are the least in our society.

Seven Service Tracks

  1. Economic Equity
  2. Gender Equity
  3. Racial/Ethnic Equity
  4. Youth & Child Support
  5. Support for the Elderly & Disabled
  6. Ecological Justice
  7. Interfaith Relationship

Service forms must be turned in by midnight the Friday before finals week. If a student wishes to turn in service forms to reverse a fine after the deadline, a late fee of $5 per week for 6 consecutive weeks will be applied. After 6 weeks, fines will not be reversed.