Dropping a Course

Dropping a course has an impact on your academic progress and financial aid. Please read the following before filling out the drop class form.

You may want to print this page for your records.

Impact to Degree Plan

There is no guarantee that the course will be available in the future (when needed), and could therefore extend a student’s graduation date
Tuition Refund for Dropped Courses

If the student withdraws prior to the start of 1st night of class = 100% Refund

1) Weekend Courses:

If the student withdraws after the 1st Friday night = 80% Refund
If the student withdraws after 1st Saturday morning = 50% Refund
If the student withdraws after the 1st Saturday afternoon = No Refund

2) Courses of all other lengths:

If the student withdraws after the 1st workshop = 80% Refund
If the student withdraws after the 2nd workshop = 50% Refund
If the student withdraws after the 3rd workshop = No Refund

Textbook Return Policy

  • Students have 5 days after submission of the drop form to return textbooks
  • Students must complete/submit a Textbook Credit Request form
  • Textbooks must be in as-new condition (if shrink-wrapped, must be unopened)
  • If student does not submit a Textbook Credit Request form, he/she will be charged for textbooks

Impact to Financial Aid & Student Account

Dropping a course will impact a student’s financial aid and may impact a student’s account

Dropping a course will likely change the date of student’s next disbursement
Dropping a course may change a student’s funding eligibility

For more information, see the ADP Student Bulletin: How to Drop a Course

1) Submit a Drop Form (3 options)

  • Complete form, sign and turn in to the Front Desk at Centre 205 or Cascade campuses
  • Complete form, sign and fax to 503.517.1350
  • Download and complete form, save, and attach it to an email sent from a WP account to a specified WP email address

2) WP Email Confirmation

The Date of Determination for the CSC is the date the student provided written confirmation of the drop (regardless of attendance)

I have read and understand the ramifications of dropping a course. Please allow me to download the Drop Form.

My name*

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(NOTE: once you hit Submit, your information is recorded despite the spinning arrow icon; no need to resubmit.)