Phillips, Connie

cphillips12Professor of English
Phone 503.517.1075
PhD:  Rhetoric and Linguistics
Indiana University of Pennsylvania 1992
Thesis / Dissertation Topic:
Language as Symbolic Action: The Function of Reading, Writing, and Talk in a Graduate Seminar

M.A: English/Literature and Language
Loma Linda University 1977
Thesis / Dissertation Topic:
Hierarchy and the Self in the Trilogy of C.S. Lewis

B.A: English/Journalism Pacific Union College 1972
Professor Phillips teaches classes in linguistics, literature, humanities, communication theory, journalism, and creative nonfiction.  She has served as Humanities department chair (1993-1998) and faculty chair (2003-04; 2008-10).  In 2001, she received the Kendall Award for Excellence in Teaching.  Since 2003, Connie has developed six new courses, and substantially revised and updated other courses in her portfolio, including a post 9/11 version of Hum 211: Colloquy in War and Peace. She lives in Oregon City with her husband Joe.

Professional Affiliations:

MLA, CCCC (Conference on College Composition and Communication)

As a participating scholar in the Houghton Institute for Integrative Studies, Connie began work on a project completed in 2001, entitled “Metaphor Elaboration: Responding to the Metaphors and Scripts Students Bring to College.”

During her 2002 sabbatical, Connie completed a study of the most widely read American memoir in the first half of the 19th century. The unpublished manuscript is entitled, “Loss of Confidence: Deceiver and Deceived in the Memoirs of Stephen Burroughs and Carwin the Biloquist.”