Moyer, Derek

Warner Pacific Faculty D MoyerSenior Adjunct Professor of Humanities



M.A. Philosophy: ‘The Priority of the Human in the Philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas’
University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon

M.A. IS:IP Sociology, Religious Studies and Philosophy: ‘Ethnography, Storytelling and Phenomenology: Good Problems in Writing Religion’
University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon

B.A. Philosophy and Religion
Warner Pacific College, Portland, Oregon


Derek has been teaching at Warner Pacific College since 2010, mostly courses in the Humanities core curriculum. Since 2012 he has been a faculty director for one of the College’s First-Year Learning Communities, entitled “Food Carts, Farms, and Freddy’s: Thinking about Eating in Portland.”

Derek’s teaching focuses on social and environmental ethics, and their intersections with the theological worlds we inhabit. In the past few years his research and teaching have increasingly focused on cultivating moral frameworks for understanding our relationships to food systems in the Portland area, and this has led to ongoing collaborations with organizations working to address food insecurity and food justice in Portland.

Besides teaching, Derek spends most of his time gardening with his wife and his two sons, and, in the summer, fishing and camping around Oregon. Any time left over is devoted to biking, golf, reading, and playing the piano.

Professional Affiliations:

  • International Association for Environmental Philosophy, 2011-Present
  • North American Levinas Society, 2008-Present; Member, Selection Committee for Seventh Annual Meeting, Anchorage, Alaska, 2011-2012
  • Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences, 2010-2013