Campy, Robert

rcampy12Associate Professor of HHK
Phone 503.517.1066

MS: Physical Ed.
Eastern Washington University 2001

BS: Physical Ed., Athletic Training
Eastern Washington University 1999
Academically, Professor Campy’s primary interests include: understanding how the mind and body interact to perform complex actions, how a person adapts over time to a stress, and what factors improve a person’s success in learning.  He has contributed to research articles in Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise, The European Journal of Applied Physiology, and Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology.  He has presented at regional, national and international conferences.  Recreationally, Prof. Campy enjoys a wide variety of activities from exploring the outdoors to improving in team sports.
Professional Affiliations:

  • American Council of Exercise, Member
  • Northwest American College of Sports Medicine, Member

Pincivero DM, Campy RM (2004) The effects of rest interval length and training on quadriceps femoris muscle.
Part I: knee extensor torque and muscle fatigue. The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness 44(2)  111-8.

Pincivero DM, Campy RM, Karunakar RG.  The effects of rest interval and resistance training on quadriceps femoris muscle.  Part II: EMG and perceived exertion.  The Journal of Sports medicine and Physical Fitness.  44(3).  224-32.

Pincivero DM, Salfetnikov Y, Campy RM,  Coelho AJ  (2004).  Angle and Gender Specific Quadriceps Femoris Muscle Recruitment and Knee Extensor Torque.  Journal of Biomechanics 37(11) 1689-97.

Pincivero DM, Campy RM, Coelho AJ.  (2004) Gender Differences in Perceived Exertion during Fatiguing Knee Extensions.  Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (1-36) 109-117.