Adult Degree Program Contacts

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Financial Aid (ADP)
Student Financial Services (ADP)


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Name Title Phone Email
Lori Jass Associate Vice President, ADP 503.517.1320
Jason Ferguson Associate Vice President, Client Relations 503.517.1566
Julie Ludt Director of Finance 503.517.1317
Jessica Erradi Finance Specialist 503.517.1558
Casey Garza Finance Specialist 503.517.1562
Wendy Alderman Senior Finance Specialist 503.517.1559
Deana Dace Senior Financial Aid Counselor 503.517.1313
Chris Natelborg Senior Financial Aid Counselor 503.517. 1337
Sally Saeteurn Financial Aid Counselor 503.517.1513
Adina Christiansen Financial Aid Assistant 503.517.1564
Megan Enos Director of Academic Advising 503.517.1319
Meg DuMez Senior Academic Advisor 503.517.1318
Celeste Cameron Academic Advisor 503.517.1343
Janelle Austen Academic Advisor 503.517.1565
Tabi Looper Advising Specialist 503.517.1563
Erin Davis Associate Registrar 503.517.1520
Karen Banks Records/PLE Specialist 503.517.1518
Tonya Bryan Senior Records Specialist 503.517.1515
Betty Astin Records, VA Specialist 503.517.1013
Ben Loria Senior Enrollment Representative 503.517.1314
Ashley McBride Enrollment Representative 503.517.1339
Vanessa Brown Enrollment Representative 503.517.1557
Alyssa Showalter Enrollment Representative 503.517.1316
Kirk Robinson Enrollment Representative 503.517.1567
Ian Triana Senior Enrollment Representative 503.517.1579
Michelle Bowers Enrollment Coordinator 503.517.1550
Dan Terry Director of Partnership Development 503.517.1338
Chris Turner Director of Partnership Development 503.517.1569
Sheryl Thompson Academic Services Office Manager 503.517.1310
Aaron Butler Coordinator of Faculty, Curriculum, and Textbook Services 503.517.1575