Adult Degree Program Contacts

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Financial Aid (ADP)
Student Financial Services (ADP)


Full Directory
Name Title Phone Email
Alderman, Wendy Account Specialist 503.517.1559
Austen, Janelle Academic Advisor 503.517.1565
Banks, Karen Records Specialist 503.517.1465
Biaggi, Dino Financial Aid Counselor 503.517.1337
Brown, Vanessa Enrollment Representative 503.517.1557
Bryan, Tonya Senior Records Specialist 503.517.1515
Butler, Aaron Coordinator of Faculty, Curriculum, Textbook Services 503.517.1575
Cavazo, Rodney Academic Advisor 503.517.2343
Christiansen, Adina Administrative Assistant
Cugini, Dalene Enrollment Representative 503.517.1314
Dace, Deana Financial Aid Counselor 503.517.1313
Davis, Erin Associate Registrar 503.517.1520
Dobrenen, Bill Director of General Education 503.517.1555
DuMez, Meg Academic Advisor 503.517.1450
Enos, Megan Director of Academic Advising 503.517.1319
Filbert, Heather Associated Vice President 503.517.1566
Garza, Casey Account Specialist 503.517.1562
High, Melissa Enrollment Assistant 503.517.1550
Jass, Lori Assistant VP of Adult Degree Program 503.517.1320
Kerr, Jeff Enrollment Representative 503.517.1340
Knott, Ruth Director of Adult Teaching and Learning 503.517.1576
Looper, Tabi Academic Advising Specialist 503.517.1563
Ludt, Julie Director of Finance 503.517.1317
McBride, Ashley Enrollment Representative 503.517.1339
McBride, Laura Re-entry Specialist 503.517.1576
Noye, Andie 503.517.1314
Peterson, Cathy Academic Advisor 503.517.1451
Thompson, Sheryl Executive Assistant 503.517.1310