Peer Assistant Application – Returning

Thank you for your interest returning as a PA at Warner Pacific. Please complete the following application (below) (or you can download and print the pdf version).

  • Complete all pieces of this application and turn it in to the Office of Student Affairs by Friday, February 15.
  • Interview process will begin Monday, February 18.
  • Interview process will end Thursday, February 28.
  • Notification of the 2013 – 2014 PA staff will be sent out by Friday, March 1.

Your Name*

Your Email*

Please fully answer the following questions (all are required):

Why are you re-applying to be a PA for an additional year? (Be specific)

From 1-10, rate your performance in the area of administrative responsibilities (getting paperwork in, incident reports, etc.)? Explain your rating.

Describe your biggest failure as a PA? How might you have handled this situation differently?

Do you believe the WPC community life standards impact our community positively (rules against alcohol on campus, visitation hours, etc)? Why or why not?

Describe your development as a PA this year. In what ways do you want to develop next year?

What aspect of being a PA do you dislike the most? How does this dislike affect your performance of that task?.

What was your biggest programming success this year as a PA? What made the program successful? What ideas do you have for programming next year?

Looking back, what advice would you have given yourself in August? What advice would you give any first time PA?

This is your chance to dream big. In what ways would you like the Warner living and learning community to change? Provide a picture of the ideal living and learning community.

Which living area would you prefer to serve next year?

I am committing myself to the following should I be chosen as a Peer Assistant:

•I will report to campus by noon on Sunday, August 4, 2013, to begin PA training.
•I will participate in the Walkabout Training Experience, August 9-16, 2013
•I will participate in Training and Welcome Week, August 17-25, 2013
•I will enroll in the spring Leadership Seminar (unless you have already completed the course).
•I will participate is Winter Training, January 10-11, 2014.
•As a WPC PA, I will work no more than 10 hours of additional outside employment (including athletics). Additionally, I understand my extra curricular activities may be limited.
•I will be willing to fulfill all the requirements of the PA position for the entire academic year.
•I will adhere to the behavioral standards in both the student handbook (The Squire) and those explained during PA training, and I will support the mission of the institution.

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