ASWPC Student Leadership Application

By completing and signing this application you are agreeing to attend the following:

  • Campus Ministries: Deadline May 5, 2014 – complete application, including essay questions 7 – 9 below
  • Applications due March 4, 2014
  • Recommendations due March 4, 2014
  • Walkabout on August 7-16, 2014
  • Winter Training on January 8-9, 2015
  • And to register for the Leadership course for the Spring 2015 semester.

These things will be required for all ASWPC leadership students.


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What position are you applying for?

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If you are considering any other leadership positions, please indicate which ones:


While we do not assume that your leadership role will be your sole commitment throughout the academic year, we do expect that it will be your priority, second to your academic work.

Please list all other commitments you will have next school year:

Essay Questions

Please answer 1 - 3 and then, depending on the position you are applying for, one of questions 4 - 9.

1) In light of the mission of WPC, what do you think it means to be a leader? Why are you interested in being a leader at Warner Pacific College?

2) What qualifies you to fill the position for which you are applying?

3) What do you hope to accomplish if you are hired for this position? How will you make this a reality?

4) Explain why you believe that Student Government is an important group of representatives on a college campus (Student Government applicants only).

5) If you could plan and execute an event at WPC, what event would you plan, who would you collaborate with and why? Be very specific (CAB applicants only).

6) What does “diversity” mean to you? Identify some areas of potential growth that you see at Warner Pacific in regards to diversity. Be specific (Student Diversity Council Leadership applicants only).

7) Please share your previous Worship Team experience? (Campus Ministries applicants only)

8) What do you hope to bring and receive as a member of the WPC Worship Team? (Campus Ministries applicants only)

9) Please share anything you’d like about your Christian experience. (Campus Ministries applicants only)


In order to be considered for an ASWPC Leadership Position, you must have at least two references. One must be written by a staff or faculty of WPC. The other can be written by a person of your choice. Please use this form (also on the "Get Involved" web page). Please have your references submit their recommendation form to the appropriate supervisors no later than March 4, 2015:

Student Government: Kyra Pappas ( )

College Activities Board: Kia Smith ( )

Student Diversity Council Leadership: Jeanie Whitten-Andrews (

Campus Ministries: Michelle Lang (


I understand that as a leader I am responsible for upholding the values of the college and agree to abide by the standards stated in the Community Agreement. I also understand that I am expected to fulfill all of the responsibilities associated with this position, if I receive it. If I fail to do any of these things, I understand that I can be removed from my position at any time.

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