ASWPC Student Leadership Application

Thank you for taking time to consider and apply for a leadership position at Warner Pacific College. We value each leadership team as an equal part of the Associated Students of Warner Pacific College (ASWPC). Everything we do is rooted in the mission, vision, and values of the college as we work collaboratively to create an inclusive and equitable campus culture.

Please complete the following form. If you are applying for more than one position, you will need to submit an application for each position. We look forward to hearing your vision to engage, empower, and inspire the Warner Pacific College community.

Here is the application process timeline and due dates:

  • February 11 – Residence Life application due
  • March 3 – Campus Activities Board, Campus Ministries, Student Diversity Council, and Student Government applications due
  • March 10 – Elections Chapel

By completing and signing this application you are agreeing to attend the following:

  • Passing of the Torch ceremony (TBA)
  • Walkabout (fall training and New Student Orientation): August 11-31
  • Winter Training: January 7-8
  • Register for Leadership and Social Change (SS201) in Spring 2016
  • Attend monthly ASWPC meetings, events, and educational opportunities

These things will be required for all ASWPC leadership students.

Or download the PDFs of application:

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I acknowledge that by completing and signing this application, I am agreeing to attend the following (indicate by checking each box):
 Attending the Passing of the Torch ceremony
 August 11-31, 2015: Walkabout fall training and New Student Orientation
 January 7-8, 2016: Winter Training
 Register for the Leadership and Social Change (SS 201) course for the Fall 2016 semester
 Attend monthly ASWPC meetings, events, and educational opportunities

Academic Information

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Please check appropriate position. Remember to complete a separate application for each position you are applying for.

Student Government
 Student Body President
 Student Body Vice President
 Operations & Communication Manager
 Commuter Representative

 CAB Chair Director of Daily Operations Intramural Rep Warner Pac Coordinator

Student Diversity Council
 SDC Rep SDC Marketing Manager SMC Manager

Campus Ministries (write in position)

Residence Life
 Residence Assistant Head RA


While we do not assume that your leadership role will be your sole commitment throughout the academic year, we do expect that it will be your priority, second to your academic work.

Please list all other commitments you will have next school year:

Essay Questions

Answer 1 - 4; then, answer the questions corresponding to your intended leadership team

1) Please share how you live into the Mission and Values of WPC in your leadership position.

2) Please share your spiritual life and practices. How does this empower you to lead and inspire you to act justly?

3) Diversity is an essential component of WPC’s values. Please explain what “diversity” means to you and why you feel it should be an essential component of Leadership Development and Student Programs?

4) What previous experience and qualifications do you have to fill the position for which you are applying?

Team Specific Questions
Please answer the question specific to the leadership team for which you are applying. If you are applying for multiple teams, please fill out a separate application for each team.

5) Campus Activities Board (CAB) Applicants Only:
If you could plan an event connected to the WPC mission, vision, and/or goals of Student Affairs: (be very specific)

  • What would the event be?

  • What are the event’s objectives?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Who is essential to collaborate with?

6) Campus Ministries Applicants Only

  • Please share your previous Worship Team experience?
  • What do you hope to bring and receive as a member of the WPC Worship Team?
  • Please share anything you’d like about your Christian experience.

7) Student Diversity Council Leadership Applicants Only
We are looking for students who are passionate about issues of diversity and social justice. Please explain how you see these two things (social justice and diversity) as connected and working together.

8) Student Government Applicants Only
Please explain how you believe Student Government empowers and helps equip the student body to engage in our constantly changing world?

9) Residence Life Applicants Only

  • What is the value of the Resident Assistant position? How would you describe the ideal RA?
  • In what ways do you see the WPC Community Life Standards impact our community?
  • Describe your ability and/or desire to work as a team with others. Describe a time when you experience interpersonal conflict and how you resolved the issue.
  • In which living area would you prefer to serve next year?
  •  Warman Hall Tabor Terrace Apartments Smith Hall Division Street Apartments


In order to be considered for an ASWPC Leadership Position, you must have at least two references. One must be written by a staff or faculty of WPC. The other can be written by a person of your choice. Please use this form.


I understand that as a leader I am responsible for upholding the values of the college and agree to abide by the standards stated in the Community Agreement. I also understand that I am expected to fulfill all of the responsibilities associated with this position, if I receive it. If I fail to do any of these things, I understand that I can be removed from my position at any time.

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