Chapel schedule: Spring 2013

Chapel is held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 am in McGuire Auditorium.
Listen to recordings of past Chapels.


14 President Andrea Cook

16 Student State of the Union and Michelle Lang

21 DaNell Daymon and the Greater Works Choir; debut of the WPC Step Team; Emmett Wheatfall and Jess Bielman

23 Tony Kriz, Author in Residence

28  Assoc. Pastor Eric Knox (Imago Dei Community Church)

30 Pastor Dave Resinger (Life Center South)


4  Michelle Lang

6  Homecoming – WPC Alum Steven Holt; WPC Step Team

11 Pastor Terrence Proctor (Church By The Side of the Road)

13 Jess Bielman

18 Focus on Student Leaders; Michelle Lang

20 Assoc. Pastor Joe Alvarez (Bellingham, WA)

25 Spoken Word featuring Tia Nache’ and Braille

27 Dr. Daymond Glenn


4 Dramatic Presentation – “What’s In A Seed?”; Jess Bielman

6 Student Spotlight

11 Michelle Lang

13 Sam Townsend

18 Michelle Lang

20 TBA

25 Spring Break

27 Spring Break


1 Jess Bielman; Michelle Lang

3 Student Spotlight

8 Assoc. Pastor Lina Thompson

10 TBA

Holy Week

Each day there will be a short time of worship and preaching on “The 7 Last Words of Jesus.”  Students: attending these services is completely voluntary. Permission to miss class may not be granted and employees should check with their supervisors.

14 “Father Forgive Them” by Student Poets and “You Will Be With Me in Heaven” by Jess Bielman (12 pm in Schlatter Chapel)

15 “Dear Woman, Behold Your Son” by Michelle Lang and “My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?” by Katy Lander (10 am in McGuire Auditorium)

16 “I Am Thirsty” by Michelle Lang and “It Is Finished” TBA (12 pm in Schlatter Chapel)

17 “Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit” by Pastor Steven Holt (10 am in McGuire Auditorium)

18   Good Friday Service (12 pm in McGuire Auditorium)

22  Service Learning

24 Michelle Lang

29 President Andrea Cook


1  Awards Chapel