First-Year Learning Communities Peer Mentor Application

Peer Mentor Description

Peer mentors are upper division students who model success in the academic arena and responsible involvement in co-curricular activities. They serve as standard bearers, co-facilitators and a liaison between first-year students and the rest of the campus community.

Duties and Responsibilities as follows:

  • being available to attend Peer Mentor training retreat/sessions prior to “Welcome Week”;
  • being available to participate in the FYLC activities and City Search activity during Welcome Week”;
  • attend one out of two FYLC classes/co-curricular activities each week during the fall semester;
  • attend FYLC co-curricular activities throughout spring semester;
    meet individually with students every other week in the role of peer mentor both semesters;
  • assist FYLC instructors as co-facilitators in the classroom/co-curricular activities as appropriate; and
  • meet with your assigned FYLC instructor/co-curricular educator on a regular basis throughout the semester.

Note: FYLC Peer Mentors are hired for fall and spring semesters (approximately 5-7 hours a week fall semester; approximately 2-4 hours spring semester).

Print out pdf of application or fill out the online form below.

DEADLINE: March 7, 2014

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Provide thorough answers to the following questions.

1. Please list all relevant work experiences (including internships, work study, summer jobs, etc.)

2. Based on the description of a Peer Mentor above, describe why you would make a good Peer Mentor.

3. Identify your personal and professional goals. How could serving as a Peer Mentor assist you in reaching these goals?

4. Describe in detail your personal attributes/qualifications and experiences that would contribute to the success of first-year students. Include your experience with your Strengths from the StrengthsQuest StrengthsFinder

5. When is your intended graduation date?

6. What other jobs/activities both on and off campus do you plan to be involved in outside of Peer Mentorship, and how many hours will you be working/participating with each?

7. Please indicate your preferred FYLC, if you are aware, or identify your preference of either a morning or an afternoon FYLC.